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Let’s pretend I was going to have a fancy party and give a State of the Business address. I’d dress up in a sequined gown and gold heels, enjoy a glass of champagne and likely overpriced but delicious hors d’oeuvres, and then share: When I first started this venture in

Hello friends! It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this blog! Spring has long since sprung and we’re full throttle into summer – longer days, time by the pool, year-end close for my June 30th buddies, and audit season. I’ve been fortunate to spend my spring working with four

Oftentimes, managers will get promoted into a department and inherit a team of diverse personalities and working styles. We learn about the group and do our best to lead them. Sometimes, we have the privilege of building our own team, either through organizational growth or turnover. This is my favorite!

Congratulations on surviving the first work week of 2016 and hopefully enjoying the first weekend-between-two-work-weeks as well. Did you make resolutions this year? Or did you perhaps assign a word to your year instead? This year I’m using both a word and resolutions to guide my year. I relish the

I didn’t mean for almost the entire month of December to pass me by without stopping back here at 100 Degrees, but here it is the 22nd already! I’m ready for the holidays – my halls are decked, my presents are wrapped, my cookies are baked and I’ve got a

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