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How to network like a boss

Oftentimes, managers will get promoted into a department and inherit a team of diverse personalities and working styles. We learn about the group and do our best to lead them. Sometimes, we have the privilege of building our own team, either through organizational growth or turnover. This is my favorite! …

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Focus in 2016

Congratulations on surviving the first work week of 2016 and hopefully enjoying the first weekend-between-two-work-weeks as well. Did you make resolutions this year? Or did you perhaps assign a word to your year instead? This year I’m using both a word and resolutions to guide my year. I relish the …

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Selling to listening to light bulb moment

I’m not a salesperson. I think my family, friends, and any type of self-assessment (Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder, etc) will confirm that I despise any type of self-promotion or selling. I’m the observer, the listener and the doer. Not the talker, debater or seller. Despite that, I’ve managed to raise …

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