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As a purpose-driven entrepreneur or nonprofit leader, you’re focused on your mission to serve your clients, customers, and community.

Financial management isn’t always at the top of your list.

  • You’ve been frustrated with your numbers, wishing for clarity, confidence, and organization.
  • You want to better understand your financials to make smart decisions and create a greater impact on the world.
  • You avoid thinking about or talking about your numbers because it’s scary, confusing, and maybe even a source of shame.
  • You’ve explored hiring a bookkeeper or an accountant but you don’t know enough about your numbers to assess your options.
  • The bookkeeper you do have doesn’t understand your unique business model or give you insight into your numbers.

You’re not alone!

It’s not too late to master your numbers. I’m here to help you!

I LOVE helping purpose-driven
entrepreneurs like you

gain clarity and confidence in your financials

You can make a greater impact on the world AND ensure your business will be around for the long-haul.

By shifting your mindset around managing your numbers, creating a strong financial routine, and having a CFO in your corner to ask questions about your financials, you’ll gain…

  • confidence in your own leadership
  • peace of mind being able to see into the future of your business
  • clarity in the financial health of your business
  • …an aspirational AND attainable vision for the future

The Entrepreneur’s CFO Corner

An online membership designed to help you organize and take control of your numbers and create a monthly routine you’ll actually follow, so you can make smarter decisions, manage your cash more strategically, and grow your business.

What you get:

  • Four key lessons to manage your biz numbers each month
  • Actionable templates to put your new knowledge to use immediately
  • Monthly live co-working sessions to provide accountability and support as you work through your monthly finance routine
  • Ongoing, on-demand email access to a CFO to get questions answered, reports reviewed, and forecasts analyzed
  • Private Facebook group for more support and accountability and to meet fellow entrepreneurs
  • Bonus trainings every single month to help you manage your business
  • Lifetime access to the full resource library as long as you’re a member

Revisit the program again and again

As you review your finances every month, unlock new levels of growth within your business.

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And, In addition

You Get Bonuses!

Bonus #1

30 minute Strategy Session with a CFO to get advice, support, and actions you can take to hit the ground running and master your numbers!

Bonus #2

Surprise snail mail package to help you achieve your goals

Bonus #3

Strategic planning module to help you build a SMART plan with intention

“Joining the CFO Corner has taught me to have confidence in my numbers and helped me to feel comfortable looking ahead in my business. Starting out as a new business owner, it’s easy to only focus on the ‘here and now’. I used to find looking at my numbers intimidating and scary. After going through the CFO Corner program, I’m at peace knowing that I can plan for the future confidently. I’ve realized that knowing my numbers is a GOOD thing that helps me feel empowered in my business and confident to plan for the future – and that’s the perfect AHA moment for me!”

Katy McCoy, Jiwa Wellness

You are a CEO that’s ready to uplevel your leadership.

I help you step into those CEO shoes by moving you through a clear success path.

Stage 1: The Associate

You own a business and are generating revenue.

You’re not managing it well or at all. You’re scared of your numbers and don’t have the clarity you need to make decisions. Your revenue and/or growth isn’t where you want it to be and you’re hustling for the money. You don’t have a big picture, 30,000 foot view of anything and are operating day to day.

Stage 2: The Managing Director

You know when to outsource your bookkeeping and taxes

Now your bookkeeping and taxes are being handled by the experts. You’re still not using your financials to their fullest potential but you can sleep at night knowing that the bare minimum is being handled. You don’t feel like you have clarity though, and are wondering why your finance people aren’t giving you that feeling you crave. You may still feel icky about your numbers and not look forward to meetings with your accountant or bookkeeper. You still don’t feel like you have the full picture.

Stage 3: Chief Executive Officer

You manage your numbers confidently

You manage your numbers, understand them, share with your team, and use them to make smart growth-oriented decisions. You liaise with your accountant and bookkeeper with clarity, ease, and confidence. You’re a strategic partner and advisor to your own business based on your numbers. You can see around the corner and lead the business with intention and direction.

Reach new clarity every step of the way

Skyrocket your business with a CFO in your corner

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The CFO in Your Corner:

Stephanie Skryzowski

Stephanie Skryzowski is a visionary Chief Financial Officer that has been helping leaders get clear on their numbers so they can make confident financial decisions to grow their bottom line for well over a decade. She is the Founder and CEO of 100 Degrees which provides CFO strategy and bookkeeping services to businesses and nonprofits around the world. She helps leaders running $500k to $5M+

She is passionate about using your finances as a tool to bring your big vision to life and coaches other business owners to elevate their businesses while maintaining plenty of precious family time.

When she is not crunching the numbers, Stephanie is traveling the world with her husband and two young daughters.

You could choose to hire a CFO for your business, but a CFO will run you several hundred to several thousand dollars a month

And you may not be ready for that level of investment yet, but desperately need the insight into your numbers.

This is EXACTLY why we’ve created the CFO Corner!

What’s my investment here?

  • How much is NOT knowing your numbers costing you?
  • How much precious time have you missed with your family because you’re grinding away on your business?
  • How many business decisions have you made, crossing your fingers that you’d have cash in the bank to cover it?
  • Not owning your numbers could be costing you a great deal.

Achieve your wildest goals!

Get started today and skyrocket your business!

Monthly Payment:


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Annual Payment:

$970 (get two months free!)

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“In a few short months the CFO Corner has helped me go from head in the sand to fully aware of my current financial situation in my business. It is something that I have been putting off for a long time and with the easy to implement process and group support it did not feel difficult at all. I am now on my way to forecasting and preparing for my best year yet!”

Jessica Hutchison-Rough

Principal Architect, Urban Design Associates LTD

Is The Entrepreneur’s CFO Corner right for you?

Are you crunched for time?

You’re exactly like all other world-changing leaders I know who are stuck in their current cycle of business because they haven’t made the time to scale up. We will help you take control of your numbers and uplevel your leadership in less than an hour a week!

Do you have revenue? Do you have expenses?

If you answered yes, then this program is absolutely right for you regardless of the type of business you have. Our templates and lessons are applicable to almost ALL types of businesses and our students are consultants, digital course creators, agency owners, shop owners, and more.

Are you nervous about sharing your numbers in a group setting?

All communication with your CFOs happens via email and is totally confidential! Our private Facebook group is available for networking, accountability and ongoing education.

I can’t afford it right now.

This investment is a fraction of what it would cost to bring a full-time CFO into your business. And if you decide not to get a handle on your numbers, continue to lose sleep at night about your bank balance, and make terrible decisions for your business, can you afford NOT to invest? I get it though. Every expense can feel like a big one as you’re growing and scaling your business which is why we’ve given you two free months with our annual plan!

Are you a Google fiend?

If you’d rather get the best information and resources from a trusted source, and spend your time taking action rather than scouring the internet, The Entrepreneur’s CFO Corner is for you. Maybe you can find a template here and a checklist there, but you will likely have little progress to show for your hours of searching, and virtually no advice you find will be tailored to YOU and your unique business.

I need to see the ROI before I invest.

Oh I get it, my numbers-minded friend. I did the same thing you are; trying to calculate the revenue I’d earn after I implemented the strategies we teach inside the program. At this level of investment, our students’ revenue growth has paid for the program in less than a month. But what I can’t put a price tag on? Confidence, clarity, and their newfound limitless potential.

with a CFO in your corner

We want you to skyrocket your business. This program will help you get there.

The program starts when you sign up and never ends – managing your biz financials is an ongoing job! It is completely self-paced though, so you set your own schedule and complete the tasks when you’re ready.

As long as you’re a member, you have a CFO in your corner. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to everything in the program until you cancel – across any and all devices you own.

We would never want you to be unhappy! Cancel anytime or reach out to us at [email protected] for support.

What makes this process so different than anything you’ve tried before?

There are plenty of bookkeeping courses out there to teach you how to run a P&L and reconcile your bank account. That’s a great skill to have! However, bookkeeping is looking back.

Last month’s financials are ancient history. You need a plan and a vision for the future.

You need to set incredible revenue, profit, and cash goals AND a realistic plan to make it happen.

There are also lots of big promises out there from the entrepreneur gurus: how I made 7 figures my first year in business, how I made 6 figures last month. But that marketing advice is completely unattainable without a financial roadmap and consistent monthly routine.

That’s why this program is designed to give you both: a realistic roadmap to achieving your wildest goals AND consistent support every month to help you get there.

Let me promise you — if you follow my guidance in this program, your entire business WILL change. That’s a powerful statement that I confidently stand behind.

Now let’s make this happen!

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