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“Is that… Jaclyn Mellone? Go-To Gal, Jaclyn Mellone?! Is she today’s featured guest?” Oh, why, YES! Yes, she is!!! Now, before we dive into the marvelous conversation I shared with Jaclyn, let me give you some more inside scoop on who this boss babe is. So, 6 years ago, Jaclyn

Ever experienced a cash windfall? Did you want our expert take on what you should do with it? Then stick around as I geek about it for a hot minute! But wait… what IS a cash windfall exactly? A windfall is an unexpected financial gain. Sometimes it may be from

Molly Stillman is probably one of my top listened to podcasts of all time. In fact, her podcast called, “Business with Purpose,” was the first podcast I’ve EVER listened to AND been invited to! Now, I can hear some of you asking in the back, “Who IS Molly Stillman exactly?”

When it comes to business tools, there’s definitely a LOT you can choose from, but some of the ones we’ve used from when we started are still the same ones we’re using today. We’ve recently celebrated our 6th year anniversary in business, and I’ve had several folks reach out to

Joining me in this episode, I have Diane Mayor, a business strategist who helps entrepreneurs build successful lifestyle businesses. Diane’s experience in the finance world has given her an edge when it comes to helping entrepreneurs build successful lifestyle businesses. With over a decade-worth of knowledge, she knows exactly how

Not a lot of people know what goes on when they hire a Chief Financial Officer, so I thought, “Hey, why not de-mystify what goes on at a CFO meeting!” But don’t worry, this episode is super light! And we promise to save you from all the heavy finance industry

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