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"Over the course of a decade running our small business, we had learned about our financials out of necessity – but we often felt unsure whether we were making the best possible decisions, and worried we were missing important factors that we should have been taking into consideration. Having an extra set of expert eyes always in our back pocket has been so helpful, especially as we navigated some challenging financial months and worked to set in place habits and reports that will serve us well long term!"

-Emily Thomas, Creative Director and Chief of Staff

Cultivate What Matters



"Stephanie has been a great asset to The School Fund.  In a very short time, she helped formalize and professionalize our accounting processes and provided valuable insights to staff and our board of directors during a period of change and growth.  She has been responsive, flexible and a pleasure to work with.  I recommend her highly."

-Michael Childress, Senior Programs Advisor

The School Fund





"Working with Stephanie has allowed us to feel more confident in our financial reporting and freed up valuable staff time! Stephanie was able to step into our world, (a small non-profit that doubled in size twice in two years!) and help us adapt to the quick growth and set up systems in place to sustain the growth. I highly recommend Stephanie! She is great to work with and super knowledgeable. If she doesn't know, she will dig deeper and get back to you."


-Brittney Kreimer, Operations Director

Design Impact

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