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Do you want to ensure your nonprofit is financially sustainable? Do you want to have a greater impact on those you serve?

A recent study shows that transparent organizations received 53% more in contributions.

What would 53% more contributions mean for your organization?

Nonprofits that are transparent with both their programmatic and financial information are building greater trust with their donors, resulting in long-term engagement and impact.

But you may be wondering how in the world to be more transparent with your financials when you can barely understand a P&L, or are strapped for time and can’t imagine yet another project added to your plate.

That’s where I come in! 


Hi, I'm Stephanie

The Visionary Chief Financial Officer

I’m a CFO for nonprofits. I love sharing with nonprofit leaders all about how to better understand, use, and communicate your financials to your donors and other stakeholders.

The first step is building a strong financial foundation with your monthly finance routine. Grab the Cash Flow Template to ensure you’re on top of your numbers!

Need more help with your nonprofit numbers? Check out:Master Your Nonprofit Numbers – An online course in financial management for nonprofit leaders.

Every single week, leaders tell me, “ I don’t know what I don’t know,” and, “I don’t know how my organization is doing because I don’t feel like I know my numbers,” and, “I literally lay awake at night worrying about cash flow.” Sound familiar?

Check out our online course to learn the critical elements of financial management: budgeting, cash flow forecasting, audit, compliance, financial reporting, strategic planning, and more. 

The course is for CEOs, Executive Directors, Program leaders, and Development staff (in other words, non-finance people), so rest assured this program is for YOU. (No technical accounting lingo included!)

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This course was designed specifically for you to help you better understand, use, and communicate your financials to grow your organization and your impact.


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