We bring experience and energy to both in-person and virual events. Best of all, no accounting lingo included.

Your numbers talk, I teach you how to listen

I love sharing how leaders can better understand their numbers to raise more money, make smarter decisions, increase sustainability, and skyrocket their impact.

My sessions are interactive, relatable, and best of all? No accounting lingo included!

I have led live workshops and lectures from 5 to 500 attendees, and virtual sessions on a variety of platforms.


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How to use your financials to make a greater impact

This session is geared towards nonprofit leaders with all levels of experience, areas of expertise, and from all types of nonprofits. We talk about the foundation and best practices for strong financial management, then dive into why it’s important to use your numbers to tell your story. We clarify the who, when, what, and how to share your numbers, and explore the top five financial reports nonprofit leaders should be reviewing. I explain exactly which metrics are important to review in each and how you could share those metrics with your stakeholders.

Attendees will walk away with several actionable tools and steps they can take to immediately uplevel their financial management and tell a more robust story about their organization and impact to increase donor engagement and raise more money!

Resources shared include an Excel workbook to help calculate the financial metrics we talk about.

Understanding your financials to grow your bottom line and your impact

​This session is geared towards small business owners at any stage in their growth, from fledgling entrepreneurs to 7 figure rockstars. We talk about the foundation of strong financial management, learning how to plan your profit through easily implementable budgeting and forecasting methods, managing cash flow like a boss, and understanding the basic financial reports.

Attendees will walk away with several actionable tools and steps they can take to immediately uplevel their financial management, increase their bottom line, and feel vastly more confident in their own leadership.

Resources shared include a PDF workbook for attendees to follow along, take notes, and start mapping out their revenue and expense growth, AND an Excel workbook to create their own forecast for their CEO Days at home!

How to build your roadmap to growth and impact

Is your budget a living guide to help you manage your organization strategically throughout the year? This session is great for all levels of leaders who will learn how to use their budget as a roadmap to growth and impact. We will review the methodology and mindset around budgeting, five common mistakes to avoid, how to break down silos and create an inclusive budget process, how to analyze and communicate your budget, and how to strengthen your budget’s impact through forecasting and cash flow management.

The key takeaways from the session include how to create a usable budget that acts as a planning tool throughout the year. Attendees will break through scarcity mindset limitations and learn how to avoid five common technical mistakes that non-accounting professionals might miss. We will review a budget checklist and inclusive budgeting process so that all levels of staff have a stake in the budget, increasing ownership, transparency, and buy-in. Another key takeaway will be showing attendees how to qualitatively and quantitatively analyze their budget. Finally, leaders will uplevel their budget process by learning how to implement monthly forecasting and cash flow management into their routine.

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Stephanie's Bio

Stephanie Skryzowski is a Chief Financial Officer who is passionate about helping nonprofit leaders ditch the “wear all the hats” syndrome and rock their numbers to grow their impact and income.

Her company, 100 Degrees Consulting, provides CFO strategy and bookkeeping services to hundreds of nonprofits around the globe. Stephanie has been a featured speaker with Blackbaud, Grants Professionals Association, Association of Fundraising Professionals, and ROI: The Millionaire’s Summit, among others. She has her Master’s in Public Administration with a specialty in nonprofit finance from New York University.
Her podcast, The Prosperous Nonprofit, and online course, Master Your Nonprofit Numbers, helps nonprofit leaders build thriving nonprofit organizations, strong and healthy teams, and a sustainable and profitable bottom line. Stephanie delivers advice on nonprofit leadership, strategic budgeting, cash flow management, financial reporting and analysis, and more.
When Stephanie is not crunching numbers, she can be found boating, paddleboarding, and painting at the lake with her husband and two young daughters.
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