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100 Degrees is proud to be a women-owned and women-led company, dedicated to serving our clients with knowledge, passion, dependability, and approachability.

Stephanie Skryzowski

Founder & CEO

Stephanie Skryzowski is a visionary Chief Financial Officer that helps purpose-driven leaders better understand and use their numbers to make smart decisions to grow their bottom line and their impact. She founded 100 Degrees in 2015 after a decade-long career serving nonprofits around the globe, from Afghanistan to Haiti, Nepal to Malawi. She loves teaching purpose-driven leaders how to use your financials to create sustainability and increase your impact on the world at workshops and conferences. Stephanie is the creator of Master Your Nonprofit Numbers, an online course in financial management for nonprofit leaders, and The Entrepreneur’s CFO Corner, a membership program to help leaders take control of their finances and grow their businesses. She also coaches busy women entrepreneurs to build their businesses while creating a beautiful life with their families. Stephanie holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from New York University, focusing on management and finance.

When she is not crunching numbers, Stephanie is traveling the world with her husband and two young daughters.

Amber Pert

cfo consultant

Amber loves serving small business owners and entrepreneurs as they are on their unique purpose-driven path.  Her passion and experience for financial management allow her to serve her clients with clarity, visibility, and direction.  Amber received her bachelor’s in Hospitality and Event Planning from the University of Florida as she intended to work in the Wedding and Event Industry.  She soon realized that her favorite part of the role was creating and managing events and business financials.  She then went back to school to obtain her Masters of Accountancy.  Amber lives outside of Atlanta with her husband and three children where they are frequently enjoying the beauty of North Georgia, a daughter’s lacrosse game, or planning for a family road trip. 

Sarah Baughman


Sarah has worked with nonprofits for the last 7 years, where she is able to combine her love for numbers with her desire to serve the community. She is passionate about helping nonprofits understand their financial health to maximize their impact. She loves the continued learning that happens daily while working with nonprofits and enjoys the challenge of problem-solving financial obstacles. Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Luther College and a master’s in accountancy from Drake University. She currently lives in Hamilton, MT where she spends as much time as possible outside, usually hiking, backpacking or fishing with her husband and two rescue dogs.

Courtney Shaughnessy

Courtney is passionate about helping small businesses understand the stories their financials are telling by transforming them into actionable information. She believes accounting and finance cannot exist in a vacuum apart from operations and continuously seeks opportunities to help business owners find efficiencies that drive results. Courtney holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from UNC Charlotte. After working 11 years in mortgage banking, real estate, and construction industries, she returned to school to obtain her Master’s in Accounting from UNC Chapel Hill. Courtney lives in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC with her husband and two sons.

Megan Garcia

Megan has worked with nonprofits since 2012. She thoroughly enjoys creating, streamlining, and maintaining systems and processes to assist clients in maximizing their impact within their communities. Through her bachelor’s degree in Global Studies, independent travel experiences, and upbringing in South Texas, she became passionate about working with organizations that promote individual empowerment, social justice, value human rights and dignity, and strive to create equitable communities. As the Accounting & HR Manager at the Texas Civil Rights Project and subsequently as the Implementation Specialist at Nonprofit Fiscal Management, Megan developed her accounting skills, internal systems management, and financial expertise through direct experience and professional development opportunities. When not working, she enjoys the live music scene in Austin, cooking, visiting with her family and friends, and spending as much time as she can outdoors.

Danie Greenwell

Danie enjoys working on finances for nonprofits so that they can focus on what they do well: serving the greater good. With a background in nonprofit and socially responsible business, she believes that purpose-driven organizations can learn to use financial planning and strong financial systems to increase their effectiveness. She has worked for and consulted with nonprofits in multiple sectors and enjoys seeing the work grow and adapt over time. Danie has a PhD in Communication, Culture, and Media from Drexel University and a BA from University of Pennsylvania. She stays active in the local food scene in Philadelphia by shopping at farmers’ markets, cooking local food, and supporting a nonprofit she helped found that plants orchards around the city.

Rosalyn Huckaby

Rosalyn is a second-generation Arizonian and a current Senior at the University of Maine – Presque Isle where she will be obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting this spring. She began her career in banking operations and developed a love for analyzing data and workflow management. Rosalyn believes her love of numbers, data, and the desire to constantly learn and challenge herself, lead her to the path of accounting. Over the past 6 years, Rosalyn has held various accounting roles within small teams and businesses and prides herself with helping clients understand finances in a relatable way. Most recently, she worked as a Senior Accountant with a local small business where she managed all aspects of finance, data analysis, creation and management of  financial databases, streamlined processes and created a more accurate and efficient workflow. When Rosalyn is not analyzing financial data, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, cruising the aisles of her favorite thrift store, painting, singing loudly and finding the perfect location to have brunch around Phoenix.

Suzi Howk

Suzi has served nonprofits for 15 years, and enjoys using her command of numbers to help make an impact.  She is passionate about finance and serving as a strategic business partner. She believes organizations make better decisions by fully understanding their finances. She also has extensive experience in grant contracting and administration, employee benefits, and organizational insurance. Suzi holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business from Iowa State University.  She lives in small-town Iowa with her husband and two children where she enjoys cooking, biking, and helping on the family farm.

Kyle Stokely

Kyle Stokely loves working with numbers, solving problems, and connecting with people. He is passionate about doing good in the world, especially when it comes to caring for his fellow humans, the environment, and wildlife. He believes nonprofits are key to solving many of our problems, which is why he’s devoted himself to their financial success. During his spare time, Kyle enjoys reading literature, exercising, and taking walks in the park with his fiancée.

Kathleen Daguro-Ambrosio


Kathleen is a Certified Public Accountant based in the Philippines and has 8 years of solid accounting experience. She believes that change is something that should be embraced and not feared. She loves taking on new challenges that would give her opportunities to grow. Kathleen graduated from La Patria College and holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. She was given the chance to become a College Instructor at her alma mater after she passed the board exam in October 2012. After a semester of teaching, she decided to work for private companies in the Philippines and easily progressed to Head of Accounting before she decided to take on a new career path of working online. Though it was truly a giant leap, she firmly believes that there is more to life than the four corners of the office walls. Kathleen is an outgoing individual who loves the sea and meeting new people. Though fun-loving, she values her “ME time” a lot and enjoys watching KDramas during her spare time. She is also a great cook according to a personal judge, her husband.

Sarah Negris-Mamani


Sarah has a passion for helping nonprofits find success through improving processes. She believes in finding efficient and effective ways to do work so that nonprofit leaders can focus on higher-level strategic thinking. Sarah has a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Regis University and has over 5 years of experience in program and project management in the nonprofit sector. She enjoys focusing on financial management because she likes puzzles and solving problems. Sarah lives in Washington, DC and spends her free time running, cooking, and painting. She enjoys traveling, and has lived in Bulgaria, France, and Argentina.

Kresta Lusung


Kresta enjoys working with clients and numbers. She believes that there is a certain fulfillment in supporting people and business in an efficient way. Kresta finds it rewarding when she’s able to help clients having the feeling of being a part of their growth in business. Her bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, and experience handling diverse clients fueled her passion in creating an effective workflow that helps business to thrive. Aside from her love for numbers, she considers herself as a coffee enthusiast. She finds pleasure in playing as her own barista trying different coffee flavors. Not only does she enjoy it, coffee also helps her get the job done.

Raven Jersey


Raven discovered his passion and love for helping small businesses grow at a very young age. Entrepreneurs are very close to his heart because his father is one. He was able to experience firsthand that knowing how to understand your numbers and managing your finances could make a real impact on growing a business. With his Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, He has supported diverse clients for three years and has substantial bookkeeping experience at several companies established in the US and the Philippines. As an Aries, he believes that his cheerful nature and relentless determination could help him achieve big while making a great impact on other people’s lives. In his downtime, he loves to spend quality time with his partner, watching lifestyle series, cooking, and cuddling with his adorable dog Casey.

Liz Albrecht

Finance Manager

Liz has watched her parents grow and sell multiple businesses throughout her life. She has seen first-hand the work and dedication it takes for small businesses to thrive and her goal in helping them is inherent. Her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology has amplified her communication skills, especially when it comes to anticipating the needs of others. Over the last three years, Liz has worked with a community of small businesses, managing nearly every aspect of the finances and office management. With her communication, desire to help small businesses, and her knack for organization and numbers she is excited to use her skills to lift others towards success. Liz lives just outside of Baltimore with her partner and their spunky dog, Mister. In her spare time, she loves to cook, practice yoga, and nurture her plants.

Danielle McKlveen

Operations Manager

Danielle is a seasoned client success team member. She has a strong passion for attention to detail, relationship building and not taking herself too seriously. She has worked in the retention specialist world, real estate and customer support. She holds her bachelor’s in Organizational Communications from Kennesaw State University. She resides in Georgia with her two young children and husband. In her leisure time she enjoys her small farm, going out to the lake and cooking with her family and friends.

Caleigh Meduna

client sucess Manager

Caleigh was born and raised in northern Indiana where she recognized her love of numbers and business early on while working with her dad’s car dealership group in high school. Although she explored different degree options while in college, she graduated with her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from IUPUI. Caleigh decided to move south to Georgia in 2013 where she really started to grow professionally. She spent over eight years working with a law firm that grew from 15 to almost 100 employees at the time of her departure as the firm’s financial controller. She believes it is very important for business owners to have a transparent and thorough understanding of their finances to be able to make informed decisions within their company. Caleigh enjoys the problem solving, strategic planning and team mentorship that comes with working with small businesses. She currently lives outside Savannah with her husband and three pets where they enjoy spending time with their friends, exploring new restaurants downtown or just playing a board game at home!

Kitty Garcia

marketing coordinator

Kitty has always been a wearer of many hats. You know how daredevils get a kick out of doing crazy-complicated dangerous stunts? Well, Kitty gets a similar high when she adds more skills to her ever-expanding professional repertoire – quite typical for an ENFP or a Gemini Sun-Aries Moon-Libra Rising, if you’re into that!
With over half a decade’s worth of experience, she has been known to dabble in many disciplines that would be useful for coaches & entrepreneurs new to the online business arena. Her interest jumps from the mystic arts of content marketing to the allure of graphic design to implementing SEO best practices to serving membership settings as a community success manager. She has helped her clients prepare for multiple launches and spearheaded marketing efforts that resulted in increased sales and brand awareness.
Kitty is a hardcore gamer with a big appetite for survival and resource management games like Valheim. She also loves art & finds great delight in its many forms, whether it be a haiku or a song, a painting or a sculpture, creating something that makes her extremely happy. When she isn’t doing any of the ones listed above, she can be found in her home in Pasig, Philippines binge-watching Netflix with her husband, children, and tiny dog.

Aindrea Guison

executive assistant

Aindrea has a unique professional experience as an Executive Assistant that stems from 4 years of experience with extensive skills that made her an outstanding professional. She has set the bar high in specializing and delivering quality administrative services with respect to strict deadlines and high expectations. Aindrea is a graduate with Master’s Degree in Business Administration in one of the prestigious schools in Manila, Philippines. She loves spending quality time with her family and her dogs on her leisure time.

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