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The Best Tools for an Efficient & Prosperous Nonprofit

Are you constantly struggling with manual processes and way too many spreadsheets to count? Do you sometimes feel like it’s easier to keep doing things the “old” way because it’s too scary to make a change?

I get it! It can be really difficult to know what the best software or tool is to help you streamline your operations and finances, especially when there are so many options out there. That’s why we’ve put together this list of The Best Tools for an Efficient & Prosperous Nonprofit! 

Inside this resource, you’ll find a list of the 12+ tools that my team and I know and use, plus direct links so you can check them out yourself.

Cash Flow Forecast Template

Cash flow forecasting is an integral part of managing your nonprofit’s finances but it’s one area that I see many nonprofit leaders inadvertently neglecting. I get it. A cash flow forecast is not something that’s easily generated from Quickbooks, your bookkeeper probably doesn’t have enough info to do it herself, and it involves a spreadsheet. 

Cash flow forecasting does NOT have to be scary or take more than 30 minutes a month (seriously), but it WILL help you regain control over your organization and confidence in your financial sustainability.

Download our Cash Flow Template to make forecasting a consistent part of your financial management, build a solid cash reserve, and ensure your organization’s sustainability!

Financial Health Checkup

Do you feel a bit clueless when it comes to your nonprofit’s financial health?

Numbers aren’t your strong suit and you feel in the dark as to whether or not your organization has the financial foundation to be around for the long haul. Financial health and sustainability is about more than just how much cash you have in the bank. 

It can be confusing to know which numbers mean what, so I’ve created the Financial Health Checkup for you! This simple spreadsheet will walk you through five important financial metrics that will give you a crystal clear picture of how your organization stacks up. And the best part is: no math required!

Monthly Finance Checklist

Do you want to ensure your nonprofit is financially sustainable? Do you want to have a greater impact on those you serve?

Nonprofits that are transparent with both their programmatic and financial information are building greater trust with their donors, resulting in long-term engagement and impact.

But you may be wondering how in the world to be more transparent with your financials when you can barely understand a P&L, or are strapped for time and can’t imagine yet another project added to your plate.

This Monthly Finance Checklist will help you grow your nonprofit, strengthen your systems, and supercharge your impact!

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