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With over a decade of experience in the nonprofit world, we know the nuances of nonprofit operations and financials.

We understand the varying needs of boards, auditors, donors, and constituents, and can help you master it all.

We are your finance department, here to take the mystery and frustration out of your numbers.

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Here’s how we work with you

We are mission-focused, just like you, and will serve your organization alongside you as a member of the team. We meet at least once a month to help you understand, use, and communicate your numbers as you lead your organization. You get as much support as you need with our flat monthly rate – no unpredictable hourly billing!

We support you through:

  • Budget development
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Audit preparation & support
  • Revenue and expense projections
  • Financial reporting for leadership, boards, donors
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • 990 preparation
  • Leadership coaching
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What our clients are saying:

“Before working with 100 Degrees, our organization needed help establishing an improved system for strategic planning, budgeting, and financial reporting.

In addition to helping with the strategic planning and budgeting process, they also helped build the capacity of our team through mentorship, giving professional advice, and helping with a 360 review. Stephanie also took the time to travel overseas to support our organization’s external audit when our key finance team member was on leave.

​Today, our organization uses the process for strategic planning, budgeting, and financial reporting that Stephanie and her team helped us put in place. The process is participatory, easy to implement, and easy to explain.

​Working with Stephanie and her team is easy. They are dedicated, professional, creative, and operate with a high level of skill and ability. The 100 Degrees team are  terrific communicators and leaders we trust.”

Skyler Badenoch

CEO, Hope for Haiti

“Working with 100 Degrees has allowed us to feel more confident in our financial reporting and freed up valuable staff time!

Stephanie and her team were able to step into our world, (a small non-profit that doubled in size twice in two years!) and help us adapt to the quick growth and set up systems in place to sustain the growth.

I highly recommend Stephanie and 100 Degrees! They are great to work with and super knowledgeable.”


Operations Director, Design Impact

“Stephanie has been a great asset to The School Fund.  In a very short time, she helped formalize and professionalize our accounting processes and provided valuable insights to staff and our board of directors during a period of change and growth.  She has been responsive, flexible and a pleasure to work with.  I recommend her highly.”

Michael Childress

Senior Programs Advisor, The School Fund

“Prior to working with Stephanie we lacked systems to support budget development and quarterly reforecasting. As a result, we were not about to make decisions in real time to maximize our resources nor were we educating our team about the finances of their departments to the degree that we wanted to be in order to build ownership and empower strong financial decision making at every level of the organization. With Stephanie’s support we’ve developed new financial analysis and management tools, streamlined our budget development process and empowered team members to engage in the budgeting process, and brought all of our financial management in house. 100 Degrees produces great content on financial management in the sector. She’s able to see the numbers and the strategy and she actively lives her passion while managing a bottom line, which falls in line with our mission and work at Global Glimpse.”

Eliza Pesuit

Executive Director, Global Glimpse

“Before working with the 100 Degrees team, I felt very overwhelmed by the back end of my business and honestly had no idea how much money I made! With a CFO and finance team in my corner, I have felt so much more like I understand the numbers in my business and have projections for how to move forward. I love Stephanie’s positive energy and I feel more supported than ever. Having a monthly check-in with financials and someone who isn’t just realistic but also optimistic really helps me to stick with what can feel like a daunting element of running a company!”


Coach, Writer, Speaker, Enneagram & Coffee


We provide financial leadership to help you make smart decisions and change the world.

If you’re ready to ditch your fears that you don’t know what you don’t know, that you might run out of cash – or even worse – you may have to give back grant money because of poor accounting, it’s time to make a change.

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