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Make more money. Keep more money. Change the world.

Join The Purpose & Profit Collective to hit your revenue and cash goals and ditch the fear and fraudy feelings when it comes to your business numbers.

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Hey business owner! Does this sound familiar?

You thought making money was going to be the hardest part of running your business.

Once you finally figured it out, sales and marketing isn’t your biggest challenge anymore.

But months or years into your business, you still aren’t sure how to manage your numbers.

You wish you had more cash in the bank.

You have no idea if your business is “healthy” or if your profit margin is “good”.

Making big investments is terrifying because you just don’t know if it’s the right move.

You hired a bookkeeper because that’s what you were “supposed” to do.

You’re a visionary with big goals and ideas but don’t have a monthly plan to achieve them.

You know there’s potential to grow your business and your team, but you feel stuck and unable to unleash that potential.

Even though you appear successful, some days you feel like a terrible CEO because you still don’t “get” your numbers.

Here’s the Thing:

Using and understanding your numbers doesn’t have to be hard.

You don’t have to be a “numbers person”.

You don’t need hours every week dedicated to spreadsheets.

You don’t have to be an Excel whiz or crazy organized or Type A.

You don’t need a multi-million dollar business to start thinking about your numbers.

The Worst Part is:

This problem is not just costing you time spent agonizing over your numbers, but it could be costing you money too.

Making the wrong investments, not maximizing your ROI on what you’re currently doing, hiring the wrong people. The list goes on.

You may have a bookkeeper and think that’s enough. Here’s why it’s not.

A bookkeeper codes and reconciles transactions in the past. This is ancient history! While history can help assess mistakes and change course, it’s not where the money is. The money is in the future.

Future thinking tells you how to spend your money to maximize profit.

Future thinking tells you your most profitable products and services so you can double down.

Future thinking gives you a crystal ball so you can make your next move with confidence.

Imagine this!

You keep more of the money you make.

You invest in the right things in your business and stop wasting money on expenses without an ROI.

You know exactly what works in your business and what’s profitable, so you can do more of that.

Your tax accountant is pleasantly surprised with how organized your numbers are compared to last year.

Your business finances no longer take up valuable brain space and worry.

You check into your finances every month, are no longer surprised by your numbers, and have a clear plan for your growth!

What makes The Purpose & Profit Collective so different than anything you’ve tried before?

There are plenty of bookkeeping courses out there to teach you how to run a P&L and reconcile your bank account. That’s a great skill to have! However, bookkeeping is only one piece of the puzzle.

Last month’s financials are ancient history. You need a plan and a vision for the future.

You need to set revenue, profit, and cash goals AND create a month-by-month plan to make it happen.

There are also lots of big promises out there from the entrepreneur gurus: how he made 7 figures his first year in business, how her launch brought in 6 figures last month. But that marketing advice is completely unattainable without a financial roadmap and consistent monthly routine.

That’s why this program is designed to give you both: a realistic roadmap to achieving your wildest goals AND consistent support every month to help you get there.

Let me promise you — if you follow my guidance in this program, your entire business WILL change. That’s a powerful statement that I confidently stand behind.

Now let’s make this happen!

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The Purpose & Profit Collective

A program to help you get clear on your money goals, measure the health of your business, make smart decisions, and achieve your goals.

I want you to make more money, keep more money, and change the world.

What’s Inside:

  • Two monthly CFO strategy and group coaching calls (value: $3,600)
  • On-demand CFO access by Slack and email to answer all of your questions and help you maximize your profit (value: $4,800)
  • Templates for forecasting, metric tracking, and planning your profit (value: $300)
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and templates (value: $500)

Managing your money is not a one-and-done activity!

Purpose & Profit Collective gives you the ongoing support and resources you need to grow your business.

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And, In addition

You Get Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Priority access to our team of CFOs and Bookkeepers for any additional services like cleaning up your books or reconciling your accounts (value $1,000)

Bonus #2

Snail mail package (value $100)

Bonus #3

A one-on-one strategy session with a CFO to start off on the right foot (value: $600)

Keep more of the money you make. Pay yourself consistently. Know that your business is healthy.

Make more money, enjoy more free time, serve your family and community in a bigger way. Elevate your business with a CFO in your corner

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What’s Inside:

  • Two monthly CFO strategy and group coaching calls (value: $3600)
  • A one-on-one, personalized Personalized Profit Plan Pour Hour with a CFO (value: $497)
  • On-demand CFO access by Slack and email (value: $2400)
  • Templates for forecasting, metric tracking, and planning your profit (value: $297)
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and templates (value: $495)

“Joining the Purpose & Profit Collective has taught me to have confidence in my numbers and helped me to feel comfortable looking ahead in my business. Starting out as a new business owner, it’s easy to only focus on the ‘here and now’. I used to find looking at my numbers intimidating and scary. After going through the program, I’m at peace knowing that I can plan for the future confidently. I’ve realized that knowing my numbers is a GOOD thing that helps me feel empowered in my business and confident to plan for the future – and that’s the perfect AHA moment for me!”

Katy McCoy, Jiwa Wellness

The CFO in Your Corner:

Stephanie Skryzowski

If we don’t know each other yet, I’m Stephanie Skryzowski, a visionary Chief Financial Officer that has been helping leaders get clear on their numbers so they grow their businesses to massive heights for well over a decade.

I’m the Founder and CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting. Our team provides CFO strategy and bookkeeping services to businesses and nonprofits around the world (probably some names you know!)  


You could choose to hire a CFO for your business, but a CFO will run you $1,000 a month or more.

It’s the right investment for many business owners, but you may not be ready for that level of investment yet. You’re spinning your wheels now though, desperate for insight into your numbers.

This is EXACTLY why we’ve created The Purpose & Profit Collective!

What’s my investment here?

  • How much is NOT knowing your numbers costing you?
  • How much precious time have you missed with your family because you’re grinding away on your business?
  • How many business decisions have you made, crossing your fingers that you’d have cash in the bank to cover it?
  • Not owning your numbers could be costing you a great deal.

Achieve your biggest goals starting today!

$1997 for 12 months of CFO support and strategy

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“In a few short months the Purpose & Profit Collective has helped me go from head in the sand to fully aware of my current financial situation in my business. It is something that I have been putting off for a long time and with the easy to implement process and group support it did not feel difficult at all. I am now on my way to forecasting and preparing for my best year yet!”

Jessica Hutchison-Rough

Principal Architect, Urban Design Associates LTD

Got questions if The Purpose & Profit Collective is right for you?

Do you feel crunched for time?

Mastering your finances takes less than an hour a week. You may feel frazzled and overwhelmed because you’re not focusing on the right things, so we will help you focus on exactly the right things, take control of your numbers, and level up your leadership in less than an hour a week!

Does your business need to be a certain size to join?

Nope! We have students who make 6-figures per year and more, and others who are in the very early stages of their businesses. Our templates and lessons are applicable to almost ALL types of businesses and our students are consultants, digital course creators, agency owners, shop owners, and more.

Will you have to share your numbers in a group setting?

No way! All communication with your CFOs is totally confidential!

Are you unsure if you can afford it?

Maybe you feel like your numbers are so messy you don’t know if you can afford the program. One of my favorite quotes: Begin as you mean to go on. In other words, set your business up now for the business you want to be a year from now! This investment is a fraction of what it would cost to bring a full-time CFO into your business. And if you decide not to get a handle on your numbers, continue to lose sleep at night about your bank balance, and make terrible decisions for your business, can you afford NOT to invest?

Can't I just Google all this?

Sure, but I’d suggest you get the best information and resources from a trusted source, and spend your time taking action rather than scouring the internet. Plus, Google can’t give you personalized feedback and support along the way like our CFOs do!

How do I know this is worth it?

I can tell you what our students have experienced: their revenue growth has paid for the program in less than a month, their business has grown 30% or more after joining Master Your Business Finances, and they report having double the amount of cash in the bank. Confidence, clarity, and calm are just the side effects!

we want you to achieve your goals

The Purpose & Profit Collective will help you get there.

As soon as you enroll, you get access to all of our templates and course materials inside the program. So if you’re a binge-learner, you can get started right away. It is completely self-paced though, so you set your own schedule and complete the tasks when you’re ready.

Once you enroll, you’ll also get the opportunity to schedule your one-on-one, personalized Profit Plan Power Hour with a CFO, to help you kick things off on the right foot.

We completely believe in our program (and our members can vouch for us!), but if you’re unhappy for whatever reason, just email us at hello@100degreesconsulting.com for support.

What’s Inside:

  • Two monthly CFO strategy and group coaching calls (value: $3600)
  • A one-on-one, personalized Personalized Profit Plan Pour Hour with a CFO (value: $497)
  • On-demand CFO access by Slack and email (value: $2400)
  • Templates for forecasting, metric tracking, and planning your profit (value: $297)
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and templates (value: $495)

Achieve your biggest goals starting today!

$1997 for 12 months of CFO support and strategy

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