Amplify Your Agency

Grow your revenue, improve your service delivery, and reduce your hours worked, without sacrificing quality or implementing expensive marketing strategies

Are you:

Longing for the work-life balance that everyone's talking about?

Wondering why your business feels like more work than your 9-5?

Wanting to increase your revenue but feeling totally stuck?

Five years ago, I made the leap from my 9-5, craving the flexibility to spend more time with my growing family, on my own terms.

I quickly locked in a few clients for CFO and bookkeeping work and started making decent money. It wasn't long before I had replaced my 9-5 salary.

As I worked in yoga pants and took my baby to music classes, I thought: this is it

But then my business grew and I felt like I had six bosses instead of just one. I found myself working nights and weekends to try and keep up with my client work. I didn't have time for professional development or marketing to grow my business.

I was overwhelmed but had hit a ceiling with how many more hours I could (or wanted to!) work AND how much money I could make.

So I made some changes. 

Those changes helped me bust through that revenue and time ceiling. I work three days a week, have consistently grown my revenue, and have a rockstar virtual team who is handling our clients with the level of care that I would.

Life is seriously good. 

Are you ready to work fewer hours, make more money, and regain that freedom you made the leap for? 

Let's Amplify Your Agency together!

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What is Amplify?

This is a six month coaching intensive for high-achieving business owners who want to scale their finance biz by building an agency and expanding their services, so that they can earn more on a schedule that gives them the freedom they crave.

If you want to build a predictably profitable business that fulfills you and sustains your family, you need a proven, straightforward plan and high-touch feedback from someone who has been there, done that.

In this program, we will:

Clearly define your goals and create an achievable road map to accomplishment. I'm an Enneagram 3, so achieving goals is totally my jam.

Define your role as CEO of your company. Maybe you started as a freelancer but in order to achieve your big vision of growing your company, increasing your revenue, and ensuring you don't work round-the-clock, you need to step into the CEO role. I'll show you how.

Lay out clearly defined action steps. Many entrepreneurs I know have big dreams but aren't sure which steps to take when. This coaching program has a flexible but defined structure intended for you to get from point A to point B.

Provide accountability. We will check in regularly to make sure you're handling your current portfolio of work and setting in place the building blocks to AMPLIFY!

What's Included in the Amplify Program

  1. One-on-one coaching with me for six months. This is NOT a group coaching program and you won't be funneled into a Facebook group with dozens or hundreds of other people with little to no personalized support.

  2. Biweekly videos calls via Zoom where I keep you accountable to your goals.

  3. A VIP retreat experience. You'll get to network with other like-minded business owners, but most importantly, get a VIP day to go deep on business planning together, helping you level up as the CEO of your company.

  4. Access to our resource library with all of the marketing plans, SOP templates, profit planners, etc. that I use in my own business.

  5. Access to me via email/Voxer/text/etc between our calls for real-time support.

This program is customized, personalized, one-on-one coaching to grow your business and protect your precious time.

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Amplify is for you if…

  • You're tired of "group coaching" with little to no one-on-one support

  • You have an existing bookkeeping or accounting business and a consistent process or funnel to bring in new clients

  • You're tired of spending too much time on work and not enough time with your family

  • You want to let go of control and hand off work to a team

  • You are willing to get uncomfortable in the pursuit of your goals

  • You are ready methodically plot your growth and do the work!

Amplify is NOT for you if…

  • You are thinking about starting a business and need help getting started

  • You have a newly launched business and need help finding clients

  • You have an eCommerce or brick-and-mortar business selling physical products

  • You have no desire to hand off any tasks to a team member

  • You're not ready to invest in your goals

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Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I'm the Founder & CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting. We provide CFO and bookkeeping services to purpose-driven businesses and nonprofits around the globe to help them better understand and use their financials to make smart decisions and grow their impact. 

I love mentoring other business owners to build and scale their service businesses. I believe in the power of coaching – since I started 100 Degrees Consulting four years ago, I've invested a great deal of time and resources into different masterminds and coaches which have helped me uplevel and scale my business in ways I literally hadn't even imagined before. 

I'm also a mom to two little girls and wife to my husband, Mark. As a family we love traveling the world (to date, our three year old has visited half a dozen countries and counting!) and hiking wherever we go.


Work-life balance and quality family time is incredibly important to me. While I certainly haven't built this business alone and it hasn't always been easy, I don't have full-time childcare or work 40 hours a week. I've grown and scaled within a compressed work week and you can too!

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Have more Questions?

I've got Answers.

I have absolutely no time. Then you’re exactly like all other business owners I know who are stuck in their current cycle of business because they haven’t made the time to scale up. I will help you find more time in your week for your business AND your family!


I run a [Graphic Design/Coaching/Consulting] business NOT in the accounting industry and I’m not sure this is right for me. Is your business service-based? If you answered yes, then this coaching program is absolutely right for you. My experience is with finance-based businesses but the business lessons and strategies are universal.


I’m not sure I will like one-on-one coaching. I won’t lie – it isn’t easy to have someone focused on you, your growth, and provide real accountability. But for me, it was the only way to scale my business!


I can’t afford it right now. I get it. Coaching and masterminds are the biggest investment I’ve ever made into my business. I’ve worked very hard to make this coaching investment affordable for business owners who are currently hovering around the six figure mark. AND! We can do a payment plan to spread out the investment. 


I can find all this info on Google/Facebook Groups/my business bestie. Maybe you can, just like I tried to build my business all those years ago. But you will likely have little progress to show for your hours of searching, and virtually no advice you find will be tailored to YOU and your unique business. Don’t make the mistake of spending all your time searching the internet and none of your time taking the action. 


I need to see the ROI before I invest. Oh I get it, my numbers-minded friend. I did the same thing you are; trying to calculate the revenue I’d earn after I graduated from the coaching program, or maybe from the connections I’d make. That all happened and ended up paying for the program in full. But what I can’t put a price tag on? My confidence, clarity, ideal work-life balance, and newfound limitless potential.


Any other questions? Drop me an email @ stephanie@100degreesconsulting.com and I’ve got you covered.

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So what do you think?

Is now the time to make major mindset shifts that will allow you to go from overwhelmed to oh-so-balanced?

I'm so ready to deep dive into your business and help create a plan to grow your revenue, shrink your working hours, serve your clients well, and your family even better.

Click the link below to apply and you'll hear from us soon!

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