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We know how growth-minded CEOs think and can take the mystery and frustration out of your numbers.​

We’re the business partner you’ve been waiting for, working alongside you as a member of the team and overseeing the accounting to give you the strategic insight you’ve been missing.

We empower you to grow and scale!

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Here’s how we work with you

Your success is our number-one focus and we’ll serve your business alongside you as a member of the team. We meet at least once a month to help you understand, use, and communicate your numbers as you grow your business. You get as much support as you need with our flat monthly rate – no unpredictable hourly billing!

We support you through:

  • Budget development
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Revenue and expense projections
  • Financial reporting
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Leadership coaching
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What our clients are saying:

“To say I didn’t know my numbers would be a massive understatement. I was lost when it came to finance. My business was growing, but I didn’t have a handle on my profit margins, expenses or profitability. With a CFO on my team, I know my numbers, which makes me feel so much more empowered as a business owner to make the right decisions. 100 Degrees does more than keep track of my business’ finances. They also help me with big financial decisions and long-term planning in my business. If you want to take control of your finances in order to grow your business and feel empowered when it comes to money, I couldn’t recommend working with 100 Degrees Consulting more.”

Christina Galbato


“Before working with Stephanie and 100 Degrees I was looking too much at the day to day and not at the bigger financial picture. Setting our future financial goals was something I did, but when they came in they helped create a plan of action for actually achieving those goals. Stephanie and her team are our go to partners for all decision making when it comes to how, when and where to use our finances to grow the business as well as reach our revenue goals month to month. I love working with Stephanie and her team and they have helped guide us in how to grow our business revenue and our profits. Not only that, they are a breath of fresh air to work with and have a wealth of knowledge that they bring to the table every time we meet. We have seen significant growth within our company since beginning our work together with 100 Degrees.”

Shay Brown

COO and Co-Founder, Bucketlist Bombshells

“Stephanie and 100 Degrees are an answered prayer! They are calming experts—a combination that is deeply appreciated in the finance realm. They guide us and coach us in the right direction with care and passion!”

Lara Isaacson

CEO, Cultivate What Matters

“I was just a little in the dark and lost in terms of my finances and what they actually looked liked, and what they were projected to look like. I have way more clarity and confidence in where I am headed financially. I also feel like I can breathe a little more, plan better and have a better relationship with money in general.

Stephanie and her team are the best! You can tell they really love what they do. Stephanie is so kind-hearted and passionate about her clients and her work. She is trustworthy and loyal, you know you are in good hands!”

Julie Solomon

Podcaster and Influencer Marketing Educator

“Over the course of a decade running our small business, we had learned about our financials out of necessity – but we often felt unsure whether we were making the best possible decisions, and worried we were missing important factors that we should have been taking into consideration. Having an extra set of expert eyes always in our back pocket has been so helpful, especially as we navigated some challenging financial months and worked to set in place habits and reports that will serve us well long term!”

​Emily Thomas

Creative Director and Chief of Staff, Cultivate What Matters

“After 3 years of business and a major shift from soloprenuer to small team I was overwhelmed with the numbers. I didn’t feel confident with my understanding of my business financials. Plus, I wasn’t sure how to adjust my systems and bids to ensure my business continued to thrive as my team grew. To the rescue 100 Degrees Consulting and Stephanie. She took time to understand my business and future goals before performing a thorough review of my books, systems and processes. She not only gave me fantastic reports identifying successes and liabilities, but she gave me generous one-on-one advice on how to move forward. I can’t recommend her services enough. If you are ready to level up your business, skip the coaches and the courses and invest in a CFO.”

Jessi Robinson

Founder & Creative Director, P&P Brands

“Stephanie and her team helped us vet, select, train and implement many of our operational systems and programs. We have more systems in place that give me, as the Director, information to help inform our work, create more efficient systems and drive decision-making.

They are easy to work with and open to educating their clients to be more successful. They have customized annual presentations for us, which has been incredibly helpful.”

Jessica Lawrence

CEO, Cairn Guidance


We provide financial leadership to help you make smart decisions and change the world.

If you’re ready to ditch your fears about running out of cash, being held back by what you don’t know – or worse – making terrible decisions due to poor accounting, it’s time to make a change.

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