Maybe your business is growing quickly, or maybe you want it to be, but you just feel stuck.

You need help understanding and organizing your numbers so you can make big business decisions. You’re excited and ready to scale but you need detailed financial projections to evaluate options as you grow.

You just need someone else to think about the numbers so you can focus on your business.

We know how growth-minded CEOs think and can take the mystery and frustration out of your numbers.​

We’re the business partner you’ve been waiting for, working alongside you as a member of the team and overseeing the accounting to give you the strategic insight you’ve been missing.

We empower you to grow and scale!

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If you’re ready to explore working with a CFO, schedule a call.

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Here’s how we work with you

Your success is our number-one focus and we’ll serve your business alongside you as a member of the team. We meet at least once a month to help you understand, use, and communicate your numbers as you grow your business. You get as much support as you need with our flat monthly rate – no unpredictable hourly billing!

We support you through:

Download a powerful forecasting template to help you create a road map to building sustainability and growing your impact!

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