IRS 1099 Forms: How To Get Ahead

Who even thinks about IRS 1099 forms this early in the year? Like, don’t we have until the end of January to send our form 1099s? In an ideal scenario, everybody associated with your company fills out & files their tax forms responsibly, and nobody experiences any crazy tax issues… …

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Episode 26: 8 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Bookkeeper

 What do you need to know when hiring a bookkeeper and how can we make this important process less daunting? Hmmm… If only hiring a rockstar bookkeeper were as simple as jumping into Google and searching, “bookkeeper for (x) type of business” or “bookkeepers in my city.” (deep contemplative …

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Episode 24: What I Learned About Launching a Podcast

On today’s podcast, I’m sharing 5 things I’ve learned about launching a podcast.  I hope this episode gives you some clarity and insight into what podcasting is like. And I hope you feel uplifted and motivated because all of these lessons are coming from a total podcast beginner. In this …

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