Elevating Your Individual Fundraising Strategy with Haley Cooper

Are you looking for fresh, new ways to up your individual fundraising game? This is the episode for you! I chatted with special guest, Haley Cooper, CFRE, about how she is empowering new nonprofits to be strategic with their individual fundraising. 

We dove into how Haley stumbled into the nonprofit world after one mission trip completely changed the trajectory of her life. Plus, how she is using her experience as both a nonprofit founder and an entrepreneur to help organizations build a strong fundraising strategy, effectively build relationships and communicate with their donors, get buy-in for fundraising initiatives, and create a strong sense of belonging. This episode is full of strategies nonprofit leaders can implement to elevate their individual fundraising and meet their goals.


About Haley

Haley is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), Certified Stress Management Coach, and Certified EmC train the trainer. She is the Founder of The Savvy Fundraiser, a nonprofit consulting and coaching business. Haley is a Founding Board Member and past Board Chair for the Orange County Nonprofit Professionals Network, and a board member of OC Advisors in Philanthropy. She has also served on the boards of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, OC Chapter, and Impact Giving.


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Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn ways to elevate your nonprofit’s individual fundraising strategy including:

•Empowering emerging new nonprofits (3:00)

•How one mission trip completely changed the trajectory of Haley’s life (4:32)

•Being strategic about fundraising efforts (8:40)

•Getting buy-in for your fundraising strategy (12:05)

•Effectively communicating your vision to donors (14:25)

•Being strategic about building a sense of belonging (19:00)

•Upping your individual fundraising game (22:50)

•Ways organizations can build relationships with individual donors (26:10)



“Sometimes fundraising is just a band-aid beyond an issue that’s actually there.”

“Not all money makes sense for your organization. That $5,000 grant costs way more than $5,000 to apply for, manage, report on, etc.”

“Make that space for safe conversations, because it’s a strategic imperative. It’s a non-negotiable. Your team will become higher performing and you’ll see more results.”

“You have people in your database. You’ve been around for a while. You’ve had board members. You’ve had those events. You’ve had volunteers. What if you strategically started investing your time in those people so that no matter what grant contract might end, you’ll be able to have that sustainability through those seasons?” 



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