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Are you looking for ways to hit your fundraising goals and nail your donor communication? You’re in luck! In this special bonus episode, Jess Campbell lays it all out, step-by-step. Jess Campbell is the founder of Out in the Boons, a small shop helping nonprofits discover donors in their email

Are you searching for ways to streamline the often chaotic grant writing process? Or interested in fostering a stronger sense of community in your nonprofit? Look no further. Join us on a transformative exploration with Diane Leonard, a seasoned Agile, Scrum, and grant management professional. Through her enlightening insights, you

We are back! Fresh from our annual team retreat in sunny Phoenix, we’re brimming with insights and heart-warming memories. As someone who deeply values the transformative impact of retreats, I’m thrilled to lead you on a behind-the-scenes tour of our journey, replete with enriching experiences and key learnings. The Magic

I used to think that most things existed in an either/or spectrum. I can either have a fulfilling and lucrative career OR I can be present for my children. I can either support nonprofits and do meaningful work OR I can earn a decent living. But learning about cultivating an

In the complex maze of the nonprofit sector, the prospect of establishing strategic partnerships and diversifying revenue often seems overwhelming, clouded by doubts and uncertainties. However, this comprehensive narrative aims to demystify these intimidating aspects. Unfolding the journey of the indomitable Eliza Pesuit, the driving force behind Global Glimpse’s success,

In the dynamic world of nonprofit organizations, the journey between facing a daunting deficit and reaching an unprecedented surplus can often be bridged with access to accurate, timely, and insightful data. This intersection of data and decision-making is a principle that Kaitlin Windle, founder, and CEO of Apte, a data

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