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Are you a nonprofit leader searching for ways to better serve your community? Look no further! I chat with special guest, Kelly Dumas, about how you can have a bigger impact on the people you serve. She discusses the importance of cultural considerations, going beyond “checking the box” and truly

If you’re a nonprofit leader looking to 4x your fundraising revenue, then this episode is for you. I chat with special guest, Christina Edwards who shares how she is teaching nonprofit leaders to break industry norms to skyrocket their fundraising. We dive into the importance of investing in professional development,

Have you settled on a word of the year for 2024 yet? This is one of my favorite ways to prepare for the upcoming year. It helps me set an intention and gives me something to work towards. However, choosing a word was a struggle for me this year. I

As nonprofit leaders, we are always looking for ways to grow our impact on the communities we serve. It can be a challenge especially when we’re depending on government funding, which can be unpredictable and limited. My podcast guest, Ali Rabe, is sharing how she managed to 10x her nonprofit

Nonprofit leaders, when is the last time you set aside time to read? Whether you’re an avid reader like me, or it’s been a while since you picked up (or listened to) a book, you’ll want to give this episode a listen. I’m giving you my top book recommendations for

How do you use your nonprofit numbers to plan for the future? Knowing where your organization stands with its finances is so important for continuing to grow your impact on the communities you serve. In this episode, I chat with special guest Margaret Chapman Pomponio about how she’s using this

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