Episode 07: 5 Ways to Create Intentional Discomfort in Your Life and Business

Podcast Episode 07 Graphic title 5 Ways to Create Intentional Discomfort in Your Life and Business

This week I’m diving in to give you 5 practical, purposeful ways to create discomfort in your life and business.

But why would I spend a whole episode on something like that?

Well, because that’s where real growth, real transformation happens. 

And before you brush that aside as just a thing “they” say, I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely true. And not just for me, but for so many of the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with over the years.

They didn’t grow, shift, and thrive because things were simple or comfy. They made real, lasting impacts in their lives and their businesses’ bottom lines because they were willing to work through the uncomfortable and toward the amazing impact on the other side.

And today I’m inviting you to consider how these 5 approaches will help you stretch, expand, and grow in your life and business.

When we push through the uncomfortable, the hard, the challenging in our life, that’s when we have a greater impact on ourselves, on our community, on the world. The impact is on the other side of discomfort.

In This Episode We Explore:

  • How moving through discomfort can show you things about your own strength, your own resilience, that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise
  • Why leaving your everyday routine behind and traveling can help you see things from a new perspective
  • How taking on challenging projects or experiences before you feel 100% ready can transform the way both you and your business grow
  • Why you need to move past “what if” to make any real progress or impact
  • Why an uncomfortable “No” is better than a reluctant yes and how “no” can actually unlock opportunities in your business that you didn’t have before
  • What thinking bigger and setting bigger goals for yourself can do for the future of your life and business
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