Episode 10: Powerful Mindset Shifts to Bring More Abundance Into Your Life with Kari Elizabeth Enge

Podcast graphic for episode 10 Powerful Mindset Shifts to Bring More Abundance Into Your Life with Kari Elizabeth Enge

Kari Elizabeth Enge is the founder and editor in chief of Rank & File Magazine, a publication that shares authentic, vulnerable advice on building a social impact business. She’s also a coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Kari was selected into the management intern program for the world’s largest private mega-yacht. What started as a three-month experiment at sea turned into a life-altering journey. 

She climbed the corporate ladder and traveled to over 30 countries where she came face to face with extreme poverty. Kari realized that her values were no longer aligned with her corporate life and in 2016 she quit her corporate role to pursue a life of purpose. She launched Rank & File Magazine which has featured notable thought leaders and entrepreneurs such as Simon Sinek, Jessica Honegger, Liz Forkin Bohannon, Caitlin Crosby, and more.

Kari has a coach certification from the renowned Life Coach School and is passionate about empowering and equipping entrepreneurs to build intentional fulfilling lives and businesses that contribute to a better world. 

We talked about the transformative power of investing in yourself, how to make an impact while building a life you love, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and what so often holds her coaching clients back before they begin working with her.

Our conversation is full of mindset-shifting revelations that you can use in your business-building journey and I can’t wait to share them with you.

“ It’s amazing how when you just decide you’re this future person now the goals become really easy because you’re being the person you need to be to make it happen.”

In This Episode We Explore:

  • What mindset shifts you can make right now to transform how you show up in your life and business
  • How the brain drama of thinking entrepreneurship has to be hard actually makes it even harder and what to do about it
  • Why “success” for your brain and success in your business are two different things and how stepping out of your comfort zone can help bridge that gap
  • Why there’s no “right way” to do social impact entrepreneurship and what that means for you if you’re ready to have a life you love and make a difference
  • How to understand and overcome analysis paralysis so you can truly make an impact
Connect with Kari Elizabeth enge

Learn About Kari, her coaching, and her Mastermind “The Year of Uncomfortable” Here: https://www.rankandfile.com/

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