How we can be a calm presence in times of turmoil

We are going on week three of physical distancing around here and slowly figuring out our way. In case you’re like me and always interested to hear what’s working for other people, here’s what’s happening in our house (quick reminder: my husband and I both work, now from home, and we have a three-year-old who went to preschool a few days a week, and a five-month-old baby).

  • For the working parents: Block your time. My husband and I align our schedules at the beginning of the week and block off chunks of 2-4 hours where one is working and the other is parenting. We’re planning any meetings accordingly, then getting actual non-meeting work done in the periphery.
  • For the little kids: Plan 2-4 activities for the day (and that’s it!). I’ve been coming up with 2-4 specific activities for my preschooler and me to do each day. We’ve done tons of art projects, baked and cooked, gone on walks and rode bikes, practiced letters and numbers on worksheets, and read books. The time in between activities is filled with open play and that’s enough.

If you’re struggling to balance everything right now, running a business or a nonprofit from home, supervising distance learning or little ones at home, supporting your partner as they are also navigating a new normal, I’m here for you. Please know that you are doing enough.

I’m spending weekdays supporting our clients by compiling or reviewing financial forecasts and weekends learning as much as I can from others. Because the internet is full of ever-changing information and my goal is to support you in any way I can, I wanted to share a couple of resources that I think you might find super helpful:

  1. Financial Plan Template. This is our brand new free guide and simple template to help you know your numbers and make smart decisions as you navigate these unprecedented times.
  2. Nonprofit Survival Guide, by Vik Harrison of The Branded Startup, former Chief Creative Officer for charity: water. (Great info for the small business owners too!)
  3. Business Resources from The AWM Firm – My friend and lawyer, Autumn Witt Boyd, is on top of the latest developments in all things coronavirus, from legal contracts to Small Business Administration loans to employer relations and more.
  4. Connect with me on Instagram @stephanie.skry for real-time updates and advice!

We all have a lot going on right now. I’m here for your good days and not-so-great days, and we’ll all get through it. I’m beyond grateful for you and this community!