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Are you tired of feeling like you’re not getting anywhere with problem-solving in your organization? So many leaders and decision-makers have adopted a status quo with how they solve problems in their organization. It almost feels like they’re on autopilot.   While having a good process for solving issues is beneficial,

Are you feeling bogged down by a busy work schedule? Is 20 meetings a week your norm? I’ve been there and that’s exactly why I recorded this podcast episode. Today, I’m diving into the New Year’s resolution that completely changed my life!  I’m sharing with you four tips to avoid

Are you looking for fresh ideas to shake up your nonprofit and grow your impact? If so, then you’re in luck! Special guest and founder of Humble Design, Treger Strasberg, is sharing all the different ways she’s shaking up the nonprofit world like…  how she communicates with her donors, and

2023 is quickly coming to a close, so I thought I’d do a podcast highlights episode. I’m diving into the top 10 most downloaded episodes of 2023 and boy oh boy are they juicy… like the episode where I announced that we were shutting down half of our business. It

Are you a small nonprofit leader looking for ways to spruce up your fundraising strategy to meet your goals? If you said yes, then you’re in luck as fundraising expert, Cindy Wagman, is joining us on today’s episode.  She is sharing a wealth of knowledge, like the number one factor

Are you effectively using your budget to support your team’s culture and values? One of the most important qualities of a prosperous nonprofit is having a healthy, well-taken-care-of team. But is it reflected in your budget?  In this episode, I’m diving into five ways your budget can support your organization’s

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