Welcome to the newest member of our team!

My vision for 100 Degrees Consulting is to provide personal, best-in-class service and financial leadership to my clients. I don’t plan on building this company into one where I oversee a team of outsourced CFOs; there are plenty of other companies that do that. I want to continue doing the work because I get my kicks from Excel spreadsheets and number crunching. What can I say?!But as my business is growing (beyond my wildest dreams, quite frankly!), I realized I needed some help with client bookkeeping so I can focus on high-level, strategic analysis. For my clients to get the best of me, I needed to slightly pull away from the transactional work.Enter: Carrie Poppelaars of Local Ledgers LLC.

Carrie is a bookkeeper and accountant with over a decade of experience serving small businesses. She specializes in working with passionate leaders to help take their numbers from chaos to organization. She’s Quickbooks Online Certified, AND has owned her own restaurant – so she understands the ins and outs of running a business and wearing many hats, like our nonprofit clients.

In addition to her experience and skills, Carrie thinks of life as an adventure (a woman after my own heart!). She has 4 kids with her college sweetheart, loves coffee, wine, micro brews and great food. She loves hiking, biking, beaches, water, and is in awe of the mountains. Carrie is an optimist who loves meeting new people, and the perfect person to add to the team.Welcome, Carrie!