Start Spending Money on These Five Things

Nonprofit leaders, are you spending enough money on your organization? This probably sounds like a strange question, especially since many of you are looking for ways to minimize your expenses. However, there are five crucial things nonprofit leaders need to invest in in order to have a thriving organization. In this episode, I dive into what these five things are and why they’re so important. 

I share strategies for how to evaluate different areas of your nonprofit to determine their impact, effort, and mission alignment. These factors will help you determine what areas you need to spend more money on, like fundraising strategies that are low-effort, and high-impact. They can be a game changer for your nonprofit. Listen to hear them all!


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Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn strategies for identifying the things your organization needs to start spending money on, including:

•Investing in hiring and retaining qualified staff (1:45)

•Ensuring your organization has the right infrastructure and operational support systems in place (3:45)

•High-impact, low-effort fundraising activities (6:00)

•Programs that align with our vision have the most impact (8:40)

•Building a strong financial foundation (10:20)



“Before you invest in that brand new technology, we need to make sure that we can check the box that our team is well paid.”

“And you overhead haters, you may come for me thinking, ‘“Are you saying that we need to increase our overhead?’ No, we’re not increasing our overhead for the sake of increasing our overhead, but we need to start spending adequate money on infrastructure.” 

“You’re not going to be able to run your programs if you have a shaky financial foundation.”



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