Using Ethical Storytelling in Your Marketing with Diana Farias Heinrich

If you’re a nonprofit leader looking to elevate your marketing using storytelling, then this podcast episode is for you. I chat with special guest, Diana Farias Heinrich, CEO of Habrá Marketing and ethical communication strategy expert. We dove into how she became an advocate for ethical storytelling and important lessons she’s learned along the way. 

Diana also shares the important differences between marketing and fundraising communications and how you can truly build meaningful relationships with donors, instead of transactional ones. She also gives listeners the framework of ethical storytelling and how to fill the most common gaps nonprofits have when it comes to ethical communication. 


About Diana

Diana Farias Heinrich (she/her) is an entrepreneur, speaker, and marketer. As the CEO of Habrá Marketing, Diana helps nonprofits execute effective and ethical communication strategies to raise more money.

She is certified as an Advocate for Survivors of Domestic Violence and for DEI in the Workplace. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Literature/Writing and Latin American Studies. Her proudest accomplishments are being a mom and wife, and helping women in Ghana start a sustainable, clean water business.


Read the podcast transcript here.


Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn strategies to implement ethical storytelling in your nonprofit including:

•What is ethical storytelling? (4:00)

•An important lesson in ethical storytelling (5:10)

•Why Diana quit her job to pursue nonprofit work (8:15)

•The difference between marketing and fundraising communications (11:40)

•Tips for effective nonprofit marketing communications (15:45)

•Ethical storytelling framework (25:05)

•The missing pieces of ethical storytelling (31:30)

•Ethical storytelling policies and practices (36:40)

•Diana’s favorite stories (40:40)



“A lot of the fear that I hear is that we don’t want to be transactional with our donors. Unfortunately, if you’re not communicating, if you’re not marketing in between your fundraising, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.”

“I’m not here to judge anyone, but what I do want to do is raise awareness about ethical storytelling.”

“A lot of this conversation around ethical storytelling is new for a lot of nonprofits.”



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