This is the show for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to get inspired to step outside of your comfort zone, expand into your purpose, and grow your organization in a big way.

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Sophia Sunwoo is the founder of Ascent Strategy, where she helps female founders ranging from artisans to health coaches get their companies off the ground. Through her work, she accelerates the success timelines of womxn and POC entrepreneurs so that they can build sales engines for their businesses faster and

Today, I am talking with my friend Rachel Bearbower. She’s a coffee lover, a fundraiser, a former nonprofit executive director, and founder of Small Shop Strategies. She’s an executive coach living in rural Iowa and she’s passionate about creating meaningful relationships, maintaining an upbeat attitude, and serving alongside though she

Today on the podcast I’m sharing with you one of the most important lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur: What it takes to bounce back after a tough misstep or challenge.  Being burned can look like a client who doesn’t pay, a vendor who under delivers (or fails to deliver

My guest on today’s episode, financial planner Amy Irvine, is passionate about three things: family, finances, and wine. Amy holds a master’s degree in financial planning and is a certified financial planner with over 26 years of financial planning experience. She’s the founder and owner of Rooted Planning Group, formed

Your team is one of your greatest assets. I know for me, this year my team grew in big ways and I was excited for that expansion and that chance to grow my impact. But I also wanted to ensure that the people who were growing with me felt supported.

What does it take to be a successful, multi-passionate entrepreneur? My guest Kari Roberts is here to share her insight on this concept and I could not be more excited. Kari Roberts is a business coach and online business manager for creative, small business owners. She helps them figure out

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