Where are you hanging out?

I am a solopreneur by day and an introvert by nature, so I am quite content spending a lot of time alone. My dog makes excellent company while I work, but he’s not really helping me learn and grow. Although sometimes it’s uncomfortable for me to get outside of my yoga pants and comfort zone, I know that to build my knowledge base, network, and business, I must!

The Social Velocity blog just posted a great article called: Nonprofit Leaders, Get Outside Your Walls, and the gist of it is that organizations must understand the market in which they work. This goes for fundraising, program activities, and organizational strategy alike; “…research can help you understand how your clients and potential clients think, what your funders want now and in the future, what your competitors and collaborators are doing and where they might be going, and how the very problems you exist to solve might be changing over time.”

I know many organizations don’t prioritize hanging out with and learning from others in the field because they’re too busy and mostly because what they’re doing works. But not taking advantage of your broader network and the learning opportunities there will absolutely limit you. You don’t know everything!

The internet is wonderful for finding places where people who know more or different things than you hang out. I want to share my list of inspirational and informational resources in the hopes that you will find a place to hang out and learn too.



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