How to Become a Successful Leader with Erica Rooney

Are you a nonprofit leader looking to take your leadership skills to the next level? If so, then give this episode a listen! I got some amazing insight from special guest, Erica Rooney, Executive Coach and a Chief People Officer. She shared how she empowers leaders, particularly women, to step into their own and become successful leaders for their organizations. 

We dove into how Erica reinvigorated her passion, and not only recognized symptoms of burnout but also put strategies in place to alleviate it. Plus, we discussed how she’s using her HR background and Executive Coaching skills to help leaders avoid burnout, set healthy boundaries, achieve their goals, and challenge the norms of leadership. This episode is full of strategies nonprofit leaders can use to up their leadership game and become more successful leaders. 


About Erica

Erica Rooney is a relatable and impactful Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Consultant, host of the Podcast, Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors, and a Chief People Officer. With 15 years of experience in HR leading organizations in gender equality crusades, and coaching Executive Women, Erica has created a framework that empowers women to get seen, get heard, and get promoted by breaking free from the sticky floors that hold us back from busting through the glass ceiling.

As a top Culture Expert, Erica invigorates and educates organizations through change, driving a positive experience for employees, and guiding executives through the process of change to lead to massive success. She is on a mission to bring more women into positions of power and keep them there! Her book, Glass Ceilings & Sticky Floors: Shatter Limiting Beliefs and Toxic Behaviors to Uncover Infinite Possibilities will be available for presale soon!


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Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn strategies for being a successful leader like:

•Becoming a thought leader (5:45)

•Reinvigorating your passion (11:25)

•Recognizing and alleviating burnout (13:15)

•Setting healthy boundaries (16:40)

•Challenging the norms of women in leadership (21:25)

•Benefits of executive coaching (26:15)

•Resources to help achieve your goals (34:25)



“Sometimes a pivot doesn’t necessarily mean a full pivot out. Sometimes it just means expanding what you are doing and how you are doing it in other realms of your life.” 

“As skilled as I think I am and as important as I think I am, if I were to win the lottery tomorrow and quit my job, the business would still run.”

“What I challenge people to think about is if you burn yourself out to the point where it impacts your stress and your relationships and all of that, you’re not going to be around to see the success of this nonprofit organization.”

“If there’s not an existing resource, then we just have to create it.”



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