A quick question before you go

Hi friends! Before we all disappear until 2020, I want to share a couple quick thoughts with my tribe of world-changers. First, a question:

Do you have a strategic plan in place for 2020?

I know it’s so easy to get caught up in year-end fundraising and employee performance reviews and planning next month’s marketing efforts that we may put our plan on the back burner, to be completed “later”. But then the holidays come and go and we’re back in our desk chairs on January 2nd, neck deep in urgent emails and our strategic plan is the last thing on our mind.

So, here are five things you can do NOW to ensure you kick off the new year ready to build and grow with intention.

  1. Set your impact intentions for 2020 and focus on that growth metric as you work to close the year. How many people do you want to serve? Exactly how do you want to impact your community?
  2. Think of the top 3-5 strategies or opportunities that will shape your year. If you could do nothing else but those 3-5 strategies in 2020, would they help you make the impact you want to have on the world?
  3. Jot down a few tactical to-dos under each of those strategies so you turn on your laptop on January 2nd with a crystal clear plan for getting it done and changing the world in 2020.
  4. Put resources behind your strategies. Remember, if we want to have X impact on the world, we need Y resources to accomplish it. Write down any investments you might need to make to tackle these strategies.
  5. Get the right people on the bus. Who will help you achieve the impact you desire? If you think you might need support understanding and using your numbers to make smart financial decisions in 2020, I’d love to chat more, learn about your impact goals, and see how we might help. Choose a time on our calendar here! >>>

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the most fulfilling 2019. It’s truly an honor to work with purpose-driven leaders like you who truly are making a difference in the lives of millions of people around the globe. We look forward to taking on 2020 together!

PS – Wondering how to set impact goals for 2020? You can check out exactly what our 2019 impact was in my Year in Review post. Check it out here!