Episode 13: Behind The Scenes Of How I Spend Money In My Business

Podcast graphic for episode 13 Behind The Scenes Of How I Spend Money In My Business

Let’s talk numbers. 

No. Not in an overly technical sense. But in a truly purposeful sense.

Today on the podcast I’m sharing how I spend money in my business. Because the truth is that where we spend our money says a great deal about what we value. 

Whether it’s using our money to build an amazing team, investing in furthering our professional education with trainings and courses, or investing in a consistent branding and marketing plan to make sure our message gets out more effectively, we make value-based decisions with our money every time we spend. 

And we also need to get to know our numbers so we can tell if an investment is giving us a return that’s worth it.

So today I’m bringing some clarity to how I make money-related decisions in my business and giving you a strategy for making better, more aligned spending decisions in yours.

Let’s get to it.

“We want to make sure that what we’re spending on is attached to a goal that we have, or a value that we have, or something that’s really important to us.”

In This Episode We Explore:

  • How what we spend money on is connected to the values we hold within our business
  • Where I spend money in my business and how I’ve made those decisions
  • How I’ve made decisions about larger investment opportunities like masterminds, full-time employees
  • How to dig into your profit and loss statement for insight on whether those investments are paying off
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