Frequently Asked Questions

While a text-heavy FAQ page is no replacement for a good old video chat, here are a few questions we get asked all the time and will give you an idea about our working style and how we can serve you!

Do you do bookkeeping? Yes! We are not a bookkeeping firm, but if you retain 100 Degrees Consulting as your fractional CFO, we can do your bookkeeping as an add-on service. It’s often super useful to have your bookkeeper and CFO within the same company because we get to know your numbers and business like the back of our hand and can provide even greater insight that way.

How much do you charge? Our monthly fees vary based on the scope of work. Starting rates are $500 per month and you get as much of us as you need. We pride ourselves on providing huge value to our clients (no nickel-and-diming over here!).

How does this process work? You need help with your financial management. You check your budget and decide you can’t afford a full-time finance person with a salary and benefits. You call us and we talk about your pain points and how we can help. We send back a proposal, you give us the green light, we sign an agreement and get to work! We will usually provide a list of items we’ll need from you and once we have everything, we’ll dive in right away. If you’ve retained us on an ongoing basis, we’ll complete your bookkeeping and/or financial review within a couple weeks after each month end, and we’ll have a call to discuss your numbers every month.

What is your typical response/turnaround time? We are punctual and super-obsessed with a clean inbox so I can almost guarantee you’ll have an email response within a day. As far as project turnaround time, we determine timelines up front together!

Are you a CPA? Can you file our taxes? Nope and kind of. We are not a CPA firm and do not file typical personal or business taxes. We DO file the Form 990 for nonprofits though. Over the years, we’ve filed dozens of 990s and know the form like the back of our hands. If you’re a small business and need a tax accountant referral, I definitely can share!

Do you have preferred vendors, like software providers, CPAs, bookkeepers, auditors, etc? Of course we do! We know some amazing professionals in the field and love to pass their names around. (And of course I don’t get anything out of those relationships, except the satisfaction of knowing I’m recommending someone awesome!)

What’s your favorite place in the world? Oh my, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to so many wonderful places on this earth that it’s hard to choose just one. I adore Nepal from the depths of my heart. Afghanistan holds special memories. And who doesn’t love London? Maybe Capri. Scotland? The list goes on!