Introducing The Purpose-Driven P&L


With every step of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve learned to follow my heart rather than the money or where the market is, despite what some leading business minds might share.


I started by my business solely focused on serving nonprofits. It’s what I know and it’s where I spent a decade of my life and it’s where there is a huge need for financial leadership, so it seemed like a natural fit. As time went on, purpose-driven entrepreneurs started making their way into my world. I imagine that they probably saw a bit of alignment in their impact-focused work, regardless of how their financials were structured, so we mutually felt like a good fit.


These women (yes, all of my purpose-driven entrepreneur clients are women!) have inspired me this year in growing my own business and I am feeling called to play bigger in this space. I want to serve more purpose-driven entrepreneurs in 2019 – women who are building big businesses, making a big impact, and growing their empire while staying true to themselves, their purposes, and their families, because ultimately that’s what I want too.


I want to grow a business beyond myself so that 100 Degrees Consulting can help more purpose-driven leaders realize their potential.


That’s why I am so proud and excited to introduce…



The Purpose-Driven P&L™


What is the Purpose-Driven P&L™?


The Purpose-Driven P&L™ is a methodology to help purpose-driven leaders better understand and use their financials to make smart decisions for their business AND an impact on the world.


It is:

  • A decision-making framework based on the black and white numbers to help you assess which investments will provide the greatest ROI for your business

  • A way to build impact and philanthropy into your business model without sacrificing profit


We totally understand that our purpose-driven leaders are busy making an impact and don’t have the time to mess around with clunky Excel sheets and formulas and analyses. So we help you level up your business by creating a partnership with an experienced CFO. In my experience running this business for three years, I find that the greatest transformation is in the first two months of working with a new client. We review and often revamp financial reports to optimize them for greater visibility and profitability. Then after those two months, we have ongoing monthly calls to review your financials and help you lead your business to greater impact and more profit.


Now, if you’re a nonprofit and have come to know me as the nonprofit finance gal, I am not abandoning you. After working with nonprofit organizations for years, I’ve built this methodology to serve nonprofits too. I find that many nonprofits operate like a nonprofit, meaning we are immersed in the scarcity mindset and focused on how there’s not enough to go around. I talk about this in my online course for nonprofit leaders, that we need to figure out the impact that we want to have, then build our budget to show the resources we’ll actually need to accomplish that.


But the Purpose-Driven P&L™ provides a shift in that mindset. Using this methodology we are focused deeply on making an impact and serving the communities we serve BUT ALSO focused on creating a strong financial foundation to ensure sustainability. Nonprofits with no reserves or looming debt are unlikely to last beyond a few years, and at best will be operating paycheck to paycheck. That’s no way to scale the impact that we can have in this world!


So we use the Purpose-Driven P&L™ methodology to ensure we have a solid focus on sustainability by reviewing key financial metrics alongside your programmatic metrics to ensure IMPACT + PROFITABILITY.


At the end of the day, this isn’t a huge deviation from how we currently work with our 1:1 clients, both nonprofit and for-profit, but now we have a fun name for it and can talk about it in a way that makes sense to our purpose-driven leaders.


This isn’t a sales pitch by any means (stay tuned – ha ha ha!) but if you’re interested in learning more about how one of our CFOs can help you build profitability AND impact in your business, please reach out to grab a slot on my calendar for a chat. We have just a couple openings available for new clients in 2019 and I can promise that having a CFO on board who understands you and your business will be transformational – like, double digit growth, transformational.


I never envisioned working with entrepreneurs but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to follow my heart and serve more purpose-driven leaders in this way.


I’m ready to share the Purpose-Driven P&L™ with the world in 2019!


(Do you want a peek into one of the elements of the Purpose-Driven P&L™ process? Our Financial Statement Workbook shows some of the key metrics that we use to help build financial sustainability and profitability – AND it’s simple enough that you can drop your own numbers in yourself to learn more about your own financial health. Grab it here!)