Welcome to my (online) home!

Come on in – can I get you something to drink? Make yourself at home!

I’m so excited to continue my journey along the nonprofit financial consulting path. Nonprofit financial consulting? Not exactly glamorous sounding but exactly what I do and love.

In better words, I am pumped to work with world-changers, people with radical ideas, ambitious goals and gritty spirits to help them maximize their resources and potential, serve more people and make the biggest difference possible. Talk about rewarding!

Finance isn’t everyone’s thing. And it doesn’t have to be. But it IS my thing. I help CEOs and EDs “see around the corner” and keep my eyes on the numbers so you can focus on program execution. I’m your on demand CFO who provides best-in-class financial leadership at a fraction of the price but all the reliability of a full-time CFO.

I’ve happily spent nearly a decade in the nonprofit world, leading organizations through radical growth, ensuring their limited resources were used to the maximum potential, helping provide access to education and changing lives around the world. I got my Master’s in Public Administration from New York University to back up my hands-on, real world experience and now I’m sharing this with as many nonprofits as possible.

I’ve had the incredible pleasure of spending time in Afghanistan, Malawi, Nepal, Haiti, Mali, Senegal, Nicaragua and others and hope to share some of my experiences and pictures with you on this blog. I also hope to share advice, lessons and random thoughts as I continue along the journey of consulting.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

I’d love to get to know you! Who are you? How’d you get here? Are you a world-changer with a gritty spirit?