Breaking Nonprofit Norms to 4x Your Fundraising with Christina Edwards

If you’re a nonprofit leader looking to 4x your fundraising revenue, then this episode is for you. I chat with special guest, Christina Edwards who shares how she is teaching nonprofit leaders to break industry norms to skyrocket their fundraising. We dive into the importance of investing in professional development, nonprofit “rules” Christina wants us to break when it comes to social media and email outreach, how to leverage social media influencers, and so much more! 


About Christina

Christina Edwards is the Founder & CEO of Splendid Consulting and the host of the Purpose and Profit Club Podcast. Christina is more than just a lifelong entrepreneur; she’s a trusted marketing expert, a passionate business coach, and a catalyst for positive change.

With her innovative Profit & Impact Flywheel Method, Christina has empowered thousands of ambitious social impact businesses and nonprofits to achieve remarkable success. Her clients consistently experience extraordinary revenue growth, often doubling or even quintupling their income. This is a testament to Christina’s unwavering expertise and the transformative power of her programs.

Christina’s mission is clear: she’s dedicated to helping purpose-driven founders like you achieve your boldest dreams. She believes that success should be enjoyable and scalable, and she’s here to guide you every step of the way.


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Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn strategies you can implement to 4x your organization’s fundraising, like

•Resources and tools for boosting your fundraising efforts (6:00)

•Why you need to invest in professional development (9:20)

•The power of accountability (13:10)

•The difference between a coach and a consultant (15:30)

•How mindset can directly impact your revenue (17:50)

•Determining your tolerance for risk (23:40)

•Building your entrepreneurial skills as a nonprofit leader (27:50)

•Turning nonprofit rules on their head (31:00)

•Leveraging the power of social media influencers (39:55)

•The most scalable fundraising strategy (42:00)

•Changing up your nonprofit’s email strategy (48:15)



“Investing in coaching has been like going for a walk versus going on a jet.”

“A consultant is typically a subject matter expert on what they do. A coach tends to be a little bit more agnostic and they can help you get to where you want to be.”

“It’s that mindset piece that is really a huge part of coaching and a big part of what I think people miss as being pivotal to their revenue.”

“I never want organizations to tout their low overhead. Do you know what you’re also saying? Great news. We pay our staff at poverty level… You can pay people well. You can pay them a better salary and it will make your organization more money.”



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