2015: The Obligatory Wrap-up Post

I didn’t mean for almost the entire month of December to pass me by without stopping back here at 100 Degrees, but here it is the 22nd already! I’m ready for the holidays – my halls are decked, my presents are wrapped, my cookies are baked and I’ve got a 10 pound prime rib in my fridge waiting to be roasted on Christmas Day. Life truly is beautiful at this time of year.

Yesterday, I found the wonderful Storytelling Nonprofit‘s guided reflection and spent the afternoon journaling my thoughts on 2015 (and if you have time, I would encourage you to do the same!).

2015 has been a year of settling in for me. I dug deeper into my relationships, both business and personal, here in Cincinnati and continued to make this place my home. I learned greater patience and spent time thinking about designing my life – family, career, health, home. I worked hard to continue to build this business and I’m giddy with excitement about 2016.

As I wrap up my last work day of 2015, I’ll leave you with a sneak peak of what’s to come.

  • On the technical side, I’m working on a guide to Temporarily Restricted Net Assets (TRNA), the bane of any nonprofit CFOs existence!
  • I’m speaking at a leadership conference for undergrads in February. The title of my session is: Now What? Changing Your Mind and Finding Your Passion. I can’t wait to share more as it develops!
  • From Vanessa’s guided reflection, the words I want to live by in 2016 are: Peace. Patience. Positivity. Possibility. What are yours?

Have a beautiful holiday season and Happy New Year!