My vision for 100 Degrees

Sometimes the best thoughts come while stuck in traffic. I recently spent time thinking about my vision for 100 Degrees and how that weaves in with the vision of my clients.


Just like nonprofits often tout that their ultimate goal is to go out of business (because that would inherently mean we’ve eliminated extreme poverty, for example), my goal is for my clients not to need me anymore! But Stephanie, won’t that put you out of business? Don’t you need to pay your mortgage and, you know, eat? Yes! My true hope is that my nonprofit clients will outgrow the need for a part-time CFO. We will work together to set up your systems and infrastructure for growth, strategically analyze your finances to ensure sustainability and you will be scalable. With a solid foundation that we create together, you will eventually scale up your fundraising, accomplishing your mission in a bigger way and be ready and large enough to hire a full-time CFO.

What do you think? Is this a crazy vision? Was I simply hopped up on exhaust fumes from I-75 or does this make sense?