A Monday morning chuckle

…because who wants to dive into their email right away on a Monday?!

I subscribe to a lot of blogs – home design, fashion, healthy living, running, cooking, business, finance, nonprofit – because my interests clearly run the gamut. Of course, this means my Feedly is out of control on a daily basis but having that arsenal of reading material is perfect for waiting rooms. One of my favorite blogs is Nonprofit with Balls – this guy has a hilarious take on our work in the nonprofit world.

Anyway, he wrote a hilarious post about common nonprofit terms and what they really mean (which totally apply to any industry). Here are some of my favorites:

Board meeting package: Something we spend 12 hours preparing, that 0 to 2 board members will read

Engaged board: The board will micromanage all of the things that don’t matter, like which shade of grey the supply room should be painted, but will disappear when something important, like fundraising, needs to be done.

Logic Model: Our work distilled into a one-page chart using 3-point font for Type-A individuals

Best practice: We read an article once

Strategic planning: We’re gonna make some stuff up about how the next 5-10 years are going to shakedown. Then, we’re going to do something totally different within 6 months of the plan.

Conference call: 1 person speaking, everyone else on mute doing other work/checking Facebook

So-and-so is a visionary leader: So-and-so sucks at details and drops the ball a lot

Flexible work schedule: You may work whatever hours you like, as long as they add up to 60 hours per week

Leadership opportunity: A challenging project we are going to talk you into doing (without you realizing it) that is in addition to and mostly unrelated to your actual job responsibilities

Collaborative working environment: We have meetings every minute of every day

Grassroots organization: Place filled with people who care so darn much about making a difference that they knowingly take this job – with joy – understanding full well that all the above comments are true.

Hope this gave you a good chuckle. Check out the full list here!

Do any of these ring true for you? Do you need someone who doesn’t suck at details? I’m here for you!