A quick check-in and an EXCITING announcement!

Hello friends! It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this blog! Spring has long since sprung and we’re full throttle into summer – longer days, time by the pool, year-end close for my June 30th buddies, and audit season. I’ve been fortunate to spend my spring working with four wonderful clients, who are changing the world through community and economic development, education, and micro-finance in both here in Cincinnati and much further afield in East Africa. We’ve developed strategic budget reports, prepared for audits, created finance manuals, and developed processes to streamline operations.

Not only have we made big strides for my clients, but I am feeling more personally fulfilled and passionate about this work than ever before. So much so, that I am thrilled to announce that: I have a spot for a new client to join my roster! As I tell all prospective clients, I work with a limited number of organizations at a time and am selective about the fit (as you, the clients, should be too!). This is a wonderful opportunity for an organization who’s been struggling with their financial analyses, or understanding their cash flow, or trying to figure out how in the world to create an accurate budget.

What do you think? Could you use an extra set of eyes and hands on your numbers? We work with many different types of clients, but specialize in $500k-$5M organizations who don’t yet need a full-time CFO but are growing and could use some additional expertise.

Sound like you? Reach out and let’s schedule a complimentary call to chat about what’s going on!