Nonprofits: More Powerful Than You Think

Sometimes it feels like those of using working in the social sector are on an island all our own. We focus on different metrics than the for-profit world and our efforts can often feel futile when we see what terrible things are happening in the world.

Especially these past couple weeks, where many feel hopeless at the future of our country and our world, I found encouragement in this great infographic from

All of us working to change the world are making a powerful impact not only on those we serve but also on our economy. We contribute over $900B in revenue to the economy and account for 10% of employment in the US. All of my fellow CFOs watch nearly $2 trillion flow in and out of our organizations! My numbers-loving heart finds great joy in the power of our sector!

So when it seems like your Facebook feed is filled with nothing but misery no matter what side of the aisle you sit on, remember that we do have the power to change the world. We’re a force to be reckoned with and the work we do every day is making a HUGE impact…on our communities and our country.

Here’s the infographic!