Why 100 Degrees is so much more than accounting


I’ve seen it criticized as a buzz word or jargon in the nonprofit world, but I disagree. Yes, everyone seems to be empowering someone or something but I happen to like the word.

When I think of empowerment, I see someone standing a little taller, speaking up a little more, and taking action with confidence. It’s that feeling that we can do something and make a difference in our own life and in the lives of others.

Empowerment to me is confidence in your skills and abilities to make the best decisions for you.

We often think about it in terms of empowering youth or empowering women but 100 Degrees Consulting does empowering work too.

We give CEOs and Executive Directors confidence in their numbers and their ability to lead their organization. We discuss the financial statements in a way that even the most non-numbers people can understand, and we help provide a clear vision into the future by developing customized forecasting tools.

For us, clarity leads to confidence which leads to empowerment.

We are helping CEOs more strongly lead their organizations through empowerment.

I am so ready to conquer this week and empower our nonprofit and small business leaders out there!