Financials feeling a bit cold?

How cold is it where you are? Western New York has felt like a bitter Arctic tundra for weeks now, and I’m not sure I remember what the sun looks like!

BUT, I’m feeling warm and fuzzy inside because our clients are making a huge impact on the world in so many different ways.

When you think about growth and impact, maybe you feel a little hopeless because you still don’t have an operating reserve (i.e. savings), or a solid plan to help you wisely use your resources in alignment with your strategic plan (i.e. budget), or even a specific enough plan needed to accomplish your big goals.

Or maybe your P&L doesn’t feel aligned with your greater purpose. You might be a for-profit business but the bottom line isn’t all you care about. In fact, you care more about the work you’re doing than how much money you make.

I hear you. Financials can feel so cold – black and white numbers on an Excel sheet does not exactly stimulate the warm fuzzies or bring to mind imagery of your mission and impact.

We work only with impact-driven organizations – businesses and nonprofits led by people whose deepest desire is to create a lasting impact in this world, who give more than they take, and who are less concerned with how much money they make than with how they can serve others.

But oftentimes, purpose-driven leaders like you aren’t sure how to incorporate impact and income into their organization.

So we use our Purpose-Driven P&L methodology to create a strong financial foundation and ensure sustainability by reviewing key financial metrics alongside your impact metrics.

Organizations with no reserves or looming debt are unlikely to last beyond a few years, and at best will be operating paycheck to paycheck. That’s no way to scale the impact that we can have in this world!

We believe in IMPACT and INCOME!

For a peek into part of the Purpose-Driven P&L process, check out our Financial Statement Workbook. It shows some of the key metrics that we use to help build financial sustainability and profitability – AND it’s simple enough that you can drop your own numbers in yourself to learn more about your own financial health. Grab it here!

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