7 Resources to Save Time and Grow Your Bottom Line

I get asked all the time for the tried-and-true tools that help me run my business efficiently and can help you too, no matter what type of organization you’re running. I’ve compiled a list of the tools I use every single day both in my business and with clients to help them streamline processes and grow their bottom line AND their impact.

Here are my top tools and resources for busy, purpose-driven leaders:

  1. Quickbooks Online. As a CFO, you knew an accounting system had to be first, right? QBO is the perfect system for small businesses and nonprofits alike. It’s easy to use, intuitive (even if you dread your numbers), and affordable for pretty much everyone. Love it.
  2. Trello. I use Trello to organize all of my client work and I love how it is structured. Each client has a sheet on my virtual bulletin board, and all of my deadlines, tasks, and notes are organized accordingly.
  3. Acuity Scheduling. Every single leader I know is over-scheduled and it seems like half of our lives are spent coordinating meetings. I implemented Acuity nearly two years ago and I LOVE sending people my calendar link and letting them choose a meeting time that works. It literally cuts down on dozens of emails a week.
  4. Boomerang. I am a planner and that includes planning emails ahead of time. For example, I know I want to send an email reminder to a client on Monday but if it just sits in my draft folder, I will probably forget to send it, so then I write myself a note on a Post-It and before you know it, my desk is covered in neon squares. With Boomerang, you can schedule emails in the future! And it will remind you if someone hasn’t responded!
  5. Gusto. I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. for a good payroll company recommendation and Gusto is always my go-to answer. The platform is user-friendly and customer service is top notch. They’re a perfect replacement for the big name payroll companies.
  6. Profit First. If you hate numbers but want to learn more about handling your financials with ease and clarity, this is an amazing book to read. It’s written so ANYONE can understand and is a practical addition to your bookshelf that you’ll reference for years to come.
  7. Profit Playbook. Shameless plug here, but this FREE download is an amazing resource if you need a budget and cash flow template to help you keep track of your numbers and forecast into the future.

Do you have a super fabulous tool or resource I should know about it? Share, so I can share with our tribe!

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