Launching: Amplify Your Agency

In my last few posts I’ve opened up and shared my story about how I felt completely torn between my career and motherhood, how it was really hard for me to accept help, and how I feel like I’ve (finally!) found the perfect balance for my family, my business, and myself.

You saw, though, that it wasn’t an overnight fix. It wasn’t easy to grow my revenue, spend less time on nitty-gritty client work, and more quality time with my family.

I attribute where I am today to just two things: hiring a coach and putting in the work.

I’m SO thrilled to share with you today something I’ve been dreaming up for months:Amplify Your Accounting Agency

Amplify is a six month coaching intensive for high-achieving business owners who want to scale their service business by building an agency and expanding their services, so that they can earn more on a schedule that gives them the freedom they crave.

If you want to build a predictably profitable business that fulfills you and sustains your family, you need a proven, straightforward plan and high-touch feedback from someone who has been there, done that.

Hint: that someone is ME!

​If you’ve built a solid service-based business that has a process or funnel to consistently bring in clients, systems in place to execute the work, and are ready to relinquish a little control to hand work off to a team, then you might be a perfect fit for Amplify.

During our six months together, we will:

  1. Clearly define your goals and create an achievable road map to accomplishment. I’m an Enneagram 3, so achieving goals is totally my jam.
  2. Define your role as CEO of your company. Maybe you started as a freelancer but in order to achieve your big vision of growing your company, increasing your revenue, and ensuring you don’t work round-the-clock, you need to step into the CEO role. I’ll show you how.
  3. Lay out clearly defined action steps. Many entrepreneurs I know have big dreams but aren’t sure which steps to take when. This coaching program has a flexible but defined structure intended for you to get from point A to point B.
  4. Provide accountability. We will check in regularly to make sure you’re handling your current portfolio of work and setting in place the building blocks to AMPLIFY!

​Does this sound even the slightest bit interesting?

>> Head here to fill out the application! <<

I can’t WAIT to help you AMPLIFY!