Setting the Intention for 2024  

Have you settled on a word of the year for 2024 yet? This is one of my favorite ways to prepare for the upcoming year. It helps me set an intention and gives me something to work towards. However, choosing a word was a struggle for me this year. I wasn’t resonating with anything, and I didn’t want it to feel forced.

In this episode, I’m diving into how I set my intention for the new year, even when choosing a word was a struggle. I’m sharing important lessons I’ve learned from unexpected places, like a snow globe, that resonated with me on a deep level. Plus, I’m chatting about my big goals for 2024 and giving you strategies for achieving your goals this year. 

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Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn strategies for setting your intentions and working towards your 2024 goals including:

•Setting intentions for 2024 (1:00)

•Lessons we can learn from a snow globe (5:15)

•My big goals for 2024 (6:55)

•How to achieve your big goals (10:20)

•Sharing your word of the year (17:30)



“I hope beautiful things fall into place in a thousand little ways you didn’t expect.”

“It’s not just a life of coincidence and sitting back and passively letting things happen to you. You have to actively be aware, walking towards your goals, towards those things you want to accomplish, and even towards those little daily habits.”

“I am going to take action and then I am going to sit back and have the presence and the calm to watch the magic happen.”

“I consistently get myself in the room where it happens with people who inspire me, who are further along in their journey than I am, who can teach me, and who will absolutely challenge me.”



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