BONUS: Creating Winning Fundraising Email Campaigns with Jess Campbell

Are you looking for ways to hit your fundraising goals and nail your donor communication? You’re in luck! In this special bonus episode, Jess Campbell lays it all out, step-by-step.

Jess Campbell is the founder of Out in the Boons, a small shop helping nonprofits discover donors in their email list. She has been a nonprofit fundraiser for 18 years and has raised over $17M+ working from New York to California in organizations big and small. She is also the founder of The Raise More Together Summit which to date has educated more than 3,000 nonprofit leaders and fundraisers. 

Before starting Out in the Boons, Jess was the Director of Development for LIFT-LA, a national organization that empowers families to break the cycle of poverty. 

Jess has an undergraduate degree from The University of Colorado-Boulder (go Buffs!) in Communication and a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management from The New School in NYC. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband, 6 year-old daughter and their rescue pup, Billy. Come find her on Instagram @outintheboons_.

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Episode Summary

On today’s episode, you’ll learn how to leverage email to hit your fundraising goals, including: 

-How you can use storytelling in your fundraising efforts in an authentic, genuine, sensitive, and ethical way (10:00)

-Why you should tell your story over and over again (14:00)

-What should fundraisers be thinking about right now to prep for year end goals (16:00)

-Where you can get solid fundraising information and expertise from real nonprofits doing the work (21:50)

-Why Giving Tuesday should not be the only thing on your mind going into Q4 (30:10)

-How to free up your time and energy to meet one on one with donors (32:50)

-How to use storytelling with financials and translating numbers into impact (38:00)

“I’ve literally had donors after several meetings or getting to know them, be like, ‘We’re considering a million dollar gift.’”

“The other thing I think nonprofits really miss is that you can tell the same version of the story over and over again… you could tell that story every hour of every day and your readers will never, ever, ever get bored.”

“As a fundraiser, I’ve found that the most impactful stories I tell are the ones that infuse the numbers.”


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