Disrupting the Status Quo in Your Organization

Are you tired of feeling like you’re not getting anywhere with problem-solving in your organization? So many leaders and decision-makers have adopted a status quo with how they solve problems in their organization. It almost feels like they’re on autopilot.  

While having a good process for solving issues is beneficial, sometimes we don’t give enough thought to how these problems are impacting our staff and community members. That’s why I’m so excited to have special guest, Heather Hiscox on today’s podcast episode. She’s a disruptor and changemaker who teaches other leaders how to implement effective problem-solving strategies in their organizations. She’s diving into systems you can use in your organization, and how you can quickly solve problems. Plus, she even gives some amazing resources for nonprofit leaders. 


About Heather

Heather Hiscox is a frustrated changemaker on a mission to change the way WE change the world. Heather is the founder and CEO of Pause for Change. The PAUSE method is a proven and proprietary framework that helps changemakers address difficult challenges and pursue promising opportunities. These skills help organizations determine which solutions will create the greatest impact while using fewer resources and less time. 

Heather is the author of No More Status Quo: A Proven Framework to Change the Way We Change the World. She is also the co-creator and host of Possibility Project, an online conversation series and growing community of disruptive change makers reclaiming their power through meaningful sparks, connections, and action. Heather speaks at conferences and events about social impact (nonprofit, local government, and philanthropic) disruption and innovation, and has launched several ventures that benefit the social impact sector, connecting organizations to the training, skills, and resources they need to deepen their impact.


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Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn strategies on how to disrupt the status quo and creatively solve problems in your nonprofit organization. 

•How to disrupt the status quo in your organization (7:55)

•Why problem-solving slowly helps you move quickly in the long run (12:00)

•Big inhibitors to success (15:50)

•A step-by-step system for transforming your organization (18:10)

•Having conversations that push the nonprofit sector in a new way (27:15)

•Free resources and a community for nonprofit leaders (33:30)



“You don’t have to work status quo. You can work with love and care and creativity and can really approach challenges in a whole new way.”

“It’s disruptive in the way that I’m asking individuals and teams and organizations to first pause to identify who is actually impacted by this challenge. Who are the humans inside and outside your organization that will be most impacted? Because we often don’t do that. We just barrel ahead based on those habits and how we’re rewarded to just solve, solve, solve, go urgency.”

“A prosperous nonprofit is one that is vulnerable enough to identify what they don’t know, that is open enough and empathetic enough to identify that they need to go learn from those people that are most engaged in the challenges, which are usually frontline staff and community members.”



Heather’s Website: www.PauseforChange.com 

Heather’s Book: www.NoMoreStatusQuoBook.com

Heather’s Talk Show: www.PossibilityProject.org 

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