The New Year’s Resolution that Changed My Work Life

Are you feeling bogged down by a busy work schedule? Is 20 meetings a week your norm? I’ve been there and that’s exactly why I recorded this podcast episode. Today, I’m diving into the New Year’s resolution that completely changed my life! 

I’m sharing with you four tips to avoid the burnout being a nonprofit leader can sometimes bring. Plus, I’m giving you real-world examples of how you can start implementing these strategies in your everyday life. I’m talking about batching work, using your time wisely, prioritizing your tasks, and so much more! 


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Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn strategies for navigating a busy schedule and avoiding burnout including: 

  • •The New Year’s resolution that changed my life (4:05)
  • •Setting boundaries (5:55)
  • •Using time wisely with meeting agendas (6:45)
  • •Batching work and meetings (7:55)
  • •Prepping your week and narrowing down your to-do list (12:00)
  • •Strategies for making a busy week smoother (15:00)
  • •Examples of how you can apply these strategies (17:15)



“I changed my calendar link scheduling preferences and limited it to just two or three days. And it literally changed my life. I didn’t have meetings every single day beginning to end with only 30 minutes or an hour in between.”

“I create my additional to-do list again of only the bare essentials so that I am not overwhelmed by this daunting list of things that don’t really need to get done.”

“Batch work and batch your meetings to give yourself big chunks of open space to actually do work, get things done, think big, think strategically, and go deep in your work. Then, have your meetings on different days.”



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