Elevating the ROI of Conferences

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to attend more conferences and professional development opportunities? Maybe you’re looking for how to make the most of these experiences. If this is on your 2024 bucket list, then this episode is for you! Your time and money are precious, so you want to be sure you are getting the highest possible return on investment (ROI) from the events you attend. 

In this podcast episode, I’m diving into ways to elevate your ROI of conferences by telling you the exact steps I take to get the most value from these events. I’m also sharing a few personal stories of how I created lasting relationships by getting out of my comfort zone and fully committing to the conference experience! 


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Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn ways to boost the ROI of attending conferences including:  

•Setting clear goals for yourself (2:55)

•Benefits of planning ahead (5:00)

•The power of following up (10:20)

•Pulling yourself out of your comfort zone (12:00)

•Elevating the ROI of conferences (15:00)

•Taking action (17:30)



“It was an opportunity to really go deep and share ideas and brainstorm things with people I already know.”

“Another favorite part of that conference was having a two-hour conversation while swimming in the ocean with somebody I had never met before. We were able to connect about so many things and share different ideas. It was fantastic.”

“What I always do is evaluate the ROI on my experience. And it’s not necessarily monetary ROI when it comes to conferences, but really thinking about the experience afterward and thinking, ‘Did I really connect on a deeper level with a number of people?’”

“Make sure you’ve got that one action item from each session that you’re actually going to do something about.”



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