Episode 04: How to Create a Successful Business Built on Generosity with Laura Foote

Episode 4 graphic with Laura Foote How to Create a Successful Business Built on Generosity

In this episode of the podcast, I’m chatting with Laura Foote about building your business on a foundation of generosity.  

Laura is a branding and lifestyle photographer, coach, editor, and educator based out of Kansas City in Tampa. Her work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Southwest Airlines, and Southern Weddings Magazine as well as brands like Lauren Conrad, Emily Lay, and Glitter Guide. 

Laura Foote holds a master’s degree in counseling and instruction and is a former university faculty member and StrengthsQuest Certified Educator. Her Disney customer service training developed from her time working as a cast member has been delivered to over 3,000 people, and she also speaks and coaches professionally about applying your strengths in life and business and networking to cultivate growth, among other topics. She has also been a speaker and or a mentor for the Cultivate Retreat, the Creative Heart Conference, and the Mastermind Retreat. Recently, Laura is the creator of two photography courses, the One Hour Workflow, and Shooting Manual. 

Laura’s generosity is what strikes me and it’s the reason I was so grateful for our conversation. She’s found her own unique way to bring her desire to serve others to her business in an authentic way that really maximizes her strengths as a creative person with a background in counseling and education. And her business is a direct reflection of that multi-passionate, multi-talented approach to entrepreneurship. While other entrepreneurs are urging everyone they meet to “niche down” and focus on one thing, Laura’s fiercely following her love of photography and her desire to help and create amazing connections with people. 

We talked about everything from why there’s no one quite like you to planning for generosity in your business finances to how to create amazing client experiences and even her best productivity hack for getting things done and staying on track. And I know you’ll love Laura Foote’s kind and brilliant presence as much as I do.

But then I had to realize there were not a lot of mes, there’s not a lot of any of us, right? When we really choose what we want to do with our day-to-day, and what we want our businesses to look like, the biggest encouragement we can take away is there isn’t anyone like you.

In This Episode We Explore:

  • What generosity looks like as a business owner
  • What it means to forge your own path as a multi-passionate entrepreneur
  • How generosity impacts the numbers in your business
  • Some ideas for creating amazing client experiences
  • How to create a business that you love based on your natural strengths, abilities, and the things that bring you joy

To connect with Laura Foote, visit her website  Laurafoote.com, or follow her on Instagram @laurafoote.

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