Episode 06: Balancing Motherhood and Scaling a Startup with Morgan Smith

Podcast Episode 6 graphic with headshots of Stephanie Skryzowski and Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith is a mother of three, entrepreneur, and founder of Minnow, a children’s swimwear company. Morgan has a background in premium product marketing and after working in New York and Los Angeles, she returned to her hometown of Laguna Beach, California with her husband and two children. With the beach inspiring her daily life, Morgan envisioned a children’s swimwear collection with an elevated approach—sun-kissed color palettes, purposeful details, custom prints, and high quality, hand-finished production, all locally made—and minnow was born.

I spoke to Morgan about what it’s like balancing a burgeoning swimwear company with the demands of motherhood. And the conversation we had covered everything from how her journey began, to how she and her husband navigated the shifting roles they took on as the company grew, to what she’s learned about finding mentors, managing her time as she moved through the early stages of her business, and what she hopes to teach her children as she leads by example in her life and business.

Whether you’ve just launched your business or you’ve been working on your own project for a while, this interview will give you a new perspective on balance, growth, and scaling a startup as you raise your family.

And I don’t think it’s so much about this message of learning how to be happy but learning how to overcome obstacles and learning how to overcome struggle. And to me, that entrepreneurial message is so huge and something that I would love to teach my kids, that we can do hard things.

In This Episode We Explore:

  • What it really looks like to scale a start-up as you continue to show up as a mom and partner
  • How your greatest ideas can come from your daily life challenges (And how a trip to London helped Morgan find her business idea)
  • How to navigate the evolving roles you take on when they’re building a business and raising a family
  • The power of amazing mentors, friends, and business networks as you fill in your entrepreneurial knowledge gaps
  • The importance of accepting help at home and in your startup
  • What your children can learn about work ethic and resilience as they watch you grow and scale your business
  • The life hack that Morgan uses to save her time and energy as she works and parents

If you loved Morgan as much as we do, you can connect with her on Instagram @MorganSmith and you can find Minnow Swim at www.MinnowSwim.Com and @minnowswim

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