Episode 9: 4 Strategies to Build a Sustainable Business

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for the best ways to grow your business. It’s what we do as resourceful, driven entrepreneurs.

But the truth is, from social media to blogs to gurus and courses, things can get a little overwhelming when you consider all of the business advice that’s out there. So, today I decided to cut through that noise and share some of the things I’ve learned as I’ve scaled my business over the past five years. 

And while this episode is straight from the heart, it’s also backed up by what I’ve heard from dozens of real-life entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.

In this episode we’ll cover four pieces of insight that I hear nearly every time I meet a business owner at an event, connect with my podcast interview guests beyond the episode, or touch base with my clients.

From mindset shifts to practical, action-focused guidance, these four key strategies will help you grow your business and your bottom line.

So let’s get it going. 

“The consistent efforts that you are putting into your business are going to get you to where you want to go. It is a long game.”

In This Episode We Explore:

  • Why the “quick wins” or overnight successes you see on Instagram are probably not what they seem, and the mindset that’s really required for sustainable business growth
  • How to make pivots, shifts, and other changes in your business less scary
  • Why “one size fits all” business advice isn’t going to fit your business and how to use your financial numbers to know if something is really working in your business
  • Why committing to a niche and owning it is the best way to expand your impact and your bottom line
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