Episode 12: Becoming The Face of Your Brand With Mallika Malhotra

Podcast episode 12: Becoming The Face of Your Brand With Mallika Malhotra

Are your branding efforts positioning you for greater impact and a bigger bottom line?

Whether you’ve dabbled with defining your brand in the past and need a refresh or you’re ready to grow your business and need a brand strategy to sustain that growth over time, today’s interview will give you expert, practical advice on how to make big things happen for your business and your clients through better branding.

Mallika Malhotra of MikiFoto and Co is an award-winning brand builder, professional photographer, business mentor, and author of The Brand Photography Playbook. 

After years of working in corporate advertising, she now helps women entrepreneurs master their story, show up as the face of their business and create their brand empires. It’s her mission to empower women to stop hiding and to start emerging as leaders. 

She’s a strong believer in getting out of your comfort zone, taking action, and implementing ideas. Her friends and clients call her the brand energizer. Mallika even shared the “numbers person” she hired a few years ago that’s helped her grow her business and the ways she recommends to continue growing as a professional by investing in yourself.

And that’s exactly why I’m excited to share this interview with you today!

Let’s get to it!

“You cannot sustain being a jack of all trades if people are not going to know you for your mastery, your excellence and if you’re doing all of the things.

In This Episode We Explore:

  • How what you stand for differentiates your brand from others in your industry and why that inspires people to work with you.
  • Why your unique customer experience, the process of delivering your services or products, is a can’t-miss hallmark of your brand that’s often just as powerful as any of your visual elements
  • How zeroing in on who you’re truly meant to serve positions you to have a clearer brand message that resonates with the right people
  • Why you’ll want to define and reinforce the transformation you deliver across your branded assets and how that can really have an impact on your potential client’s desire to work with you
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